Michael Todd Sonicblend Review
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I love the airbrushed makeup look, but I always struggled with the application.  I could never get it completely even for a flawless look.  Enter the Michael Todd Sonicblend.  This wonderful device uses sonic technology to apply makeup for a perfect finish.  As a Michael Todd ambassador, I've tried the Sonic Eraser Pro and the Soniclear Petite, and I love them both.  I use them both daily, and I'm sure the Sonicblend will be in my daily beauty tool arsenal as well.  

Michael Todd Sonicblend Review

Michael Todd Sonicblend Review

Links in this post may be affiliate links, which means that I earn a small commission from sales.

The Sonicblend helps you apply foundation, contour, highlight, powder, bronzer, and brush without lines or streaks thanks to its 400 micro-movements per second.  It gives you an airbrushed look without the hassle and expense of using an airbrush. It works with your favorite makeup, so you don't have to buy new products.  

Since it gives you an even coverage, you'll even use less makeup!  Yes, ladies, this will help you save your expensive products so they last longer.  

Your makeup goes on smooth, so there's less irritation that you get when you use a regular makeup brush or your fingers.  It even minimized clogged pores for a better complexion.  I've used the Sonicblend with powder and liquid, and it works well with both types of foundation.  

As I'm in my mid 30s, I'm getting some fine lines.  I noticed that my foundation doesn't settle in the lines when I use my Sonicblend, which definitely helps me look and feel better.  My pores even look smaller because they aren't filling with product like they were before.  

The Sonicblend comes with a removable brush head.  They have a flat top head, round top head, and a natural round top head.  Each brush head has protection against microbes, so you won't contaminate your makeup with bacteria, and this can help improve your complexion because you're not introducing bacteria to your skin.

Cleaning the brush head is easy.  Just clean it like you would any makeup brush.  I'll probably pick up another brush head just because I don't want to be without it while I wait for it to dry.

Like the Sonic Eraser Pro and the Soniclear Petite, the Sonicblend is cordless.  It has a USB cable to charge, so I can plug it in to my phone charger base.  The battery lasts a while, so I don't have to charge it often.  

One thing I really like about the Sonicblend, besides how well it works at blending makeup, is how lightweight it is.  It really gives me better control when applying my makeup.

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