Saint Patrick's Day Fashion and Beauty
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Saint Patrick's Day is a fun holiday.  My kids set up Leprechaun traps, and they use my jewelry to try to catch one.  They haven't been able to catch one yet, but they do get some small toys in exchange for their efforts.  The sneaky leprechaun comes in and turns our milk green, and once he even turned the toilet green!  I will admit that although I am Irishwith the temper to prove it!that I have never been to a Saint Patrick's Day party.  I had my babies young, before I was legal to drink.  I don't drink much anyway.  But I do dress up in green for the day, even if I'm not going anywhere because it's just fun.  Whether you're going to work, to a party, or just going to the grocery store here are some cute St. Patrick's Day fashion and beauty items for you.
Saint Patrick's Day fashion and beauty

Links in this post may be affiliate links, which means that I earn a small commission from sales.

SoRock Womens St. Patricks Day Lace Shamrock 34 Sleeve Tri Blend Tshirt Large Green - This classic shamrock tee is great for work, school parties, or going to the store.  You could even dress it up for a party with some cute jewelry.

SoRock Unisex St. Patricks Day Im Magical Rainbow Unicorn 34 Sleeve Tri Blend Tshirt    I would rock this all year.  It's not limited to just March.

Amscan Womens St. Patricks Day Bowtie Long Sleeve Dye Sub Shirt 1 Piece, Green,   This shirt would be awesome at a pub party.

Ask Me About My Leprechaun T Shirt Funny Saint Patricks Day Flip Tee   I'm not sure I would recommend this one for women in public unless you had a cute tank and practiced a lot, but I know my sons would love it, so I had to include it.

ILNP Brilliance - Pale Gold, Pinkish Bronze, Light Green Ultra Chrome Color Shifting Flakie Nail Polish - I absolutely love how this green polish has gold flecks.  It would look awesome at Christmas too.

Green Clover Pattern Stretchy Leggings for Women Black Shamrock Skinny Pants - Y'all know I love me some leggings!

Aphratti Womens Long Sleeve St Patricks Pattys Day Shamrock Print Casual Flare Swing Dress four leaf clover   Pair this with leggings or just some cute boots.

REVLON Colorstay 16 Hour Eye Shadow Quad, Luscious, 0.16 Ounce  These could be worn all year, but if green isn't your thing, they are cheap enough to use for one night.

Green Metallic Liquid Lipstain - Money Green That color though!

ENVY Xotic Eyes Green Glitter Professional Make Up Dancer Costume St Patricks Day  If you just can't get the hang of a Saint Patrick's Day eye look no matter how many YouTube tutorials you watch, this might be for you!

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