I Never Quit
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I never quit.  Sometimes I think about all that I do in a week and wonder how I get it done.  I joke that I can never, ever get sick because I am responsible for so many things and so many people.  Two months ago, I got pneumonia and got very sick.  I am normally on the go every day, and I was stuck in bed for two weeks.  When the symptoms were finally gone, I was still exhausted.  Five weeks after getting sick, I still couldn't make it through a day without needing to rest.  My daily rest time was coming a little bit later each day, but I couldn't keep living at that slower pace.  I simply have too much to do in a day and too many people counting on me.  I knew I needed some help to get my energy levels back up, so I started using the Energy Support Patch from Refreshinq.  Finally!  I felt almost normal again.

My family is big in martial arts.  Two of my kids are currently in karate and ju jitsu, and my oldest took tae kwon do for a while.  My husband has earned his black belt in a few different styles of martial arts, and I took tae kwon do with my oldest son.

I found out there was a taiho-jitsu class being offered at our local community center.  My friend and I really wanted to take it, but I knew there was no way I could handle the class until I got some energy.  It took some persuading from my friend, but I signed up and hoped that I was feeling better.

Energy Support Patch from The Refreshinq Co.

I had been slacking on taking my vitamins and drinking enough water each day.  I like the Energy Support Patch from Refreshinq because it's easy to use, easy to remember, and works well.  There are 30 patches in a box, and you just put one on your clean skin and take it off in the evening.  You can put it on your upper arm, forearm, or wrist, rotating where you put it each day.

The patches are water-resistant, so you can shower or work out while wearing them.  When you swallow a vitamin, it can take hours for the nutrients to work in your body.  The patch releases the nutrients into your body in just minutes.

Each patch contains:
  • Guarana extract to boost energy level
  • Green tea extract to combat free radicals
  • Quercetin B12 to support energy metabolism
  • CoQ 10 to combat free radicals
  • Agmatine Sulfate to benefit cognitive health
  • Cosmoperine® to improve vitamin absorption
The Energy Support Patches are available in the Q STORE

Taiho-Jitsu Class 

I'm glad I signed up for the class because the patches helped me get more energy as I continued to improve from being sick.  It was a great class, and I learned a lot.  Taiho-jitsu means "arresting art".  Cops take the class, but it's also useful as self-defense for civilians.

Even though the class was centered on self-defense, taiho-jitsu has roots in karate and ju-jitsu, both of which are fairly athletic.  I've been practicing my kicks and punches because it's good exercise too.

Who knows?  Maybe I'll join the kids in their karate class to keep working on some of the things I learned in the class now that I have more energy.

What will you never quit?

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Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

Cari lives on a small farm with her husband, three kids, two dogs, two cats, and a goat. She loves coffee, Gilmore Girls, her chihuahua, and her kids, but not in that order.