Makeup Mistakes You're Probably Making
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It's a new year.  A clean slate.  A chance to start all over.  Are you making any resolutions this year?  I'm not really a resolution kind of person.  There are some things that I want to work on, and I will, but I'm not setting unrealistic goals.  I think of it more as a time for reflection and to take a step back and reevaluate things that are going on in my life.  

Since the new year is a clean slate, I'd like to offer you some tips to help you improve your makeup game this year.  Sometimes we can get in to a bad habit, and we don't even realize how bad those habits are.  Here are some common makeup mistakes that you're probably making.

makeup mistakes

Makeup Mistakes You're Probably Making

Links in this post may be affiliate links, which means that I earn a small commission from sales.

1.  Not prepping.

Before you apply your makeup, prep your skin with moisturizer and preferably a primer as well.  If you apply makeup to bare skin, the makeup can get deep in to your pores and dry out your skin or cause blemishes.  Moisturizers and primers keep your skin smoother, hydrated, and they stop your makeup from settling into fine lines.  

Always apply makeup to clean skin and use a moisturizer and primer.  Apply all over your face and neck and let soak into your skin for a few minutes before applying makeup.

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2.  Wrong foundation shade.

Foundation should be the same shade as your skin and not darker or lighter.  Even if you blend it down to your neck, it doesn't mean that it's okay.  This means that you might need two foundations: one for summer, and one for winter, depending how tan you get.  

When shopping for a foundation, test before you buy.  Look at the color under natural sunlight before buying too.  

3.  Applying foundation with your fingers.

I am so guilty of this.  I'm usually in a hurry, so I apply my makeup with my fingers.  This is bad because it can press the foundation in to your fine lines, which makes them appear worse. 

Use a beauty blender or makeup brush for more even application.

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4.  Not learning how to HAC.

The first few times you highlight and contour, it can be difficult.  Once you get the hang of it, it will come more naturally.  If you don't do it right, you risk looking like a skeleton.  

Watch YouTube videos and practice before wearing your new look in public.

5.  Using shimmer shadow all over.

Some palettes have both matte and shimmer eyeshadows in the same palette.  Don't use a shimmer shade all over because it can make your eyes look puffy.  

Use a matte shade for all over color.  Use shimmer shades for highlighting under your brow and dabbing the inner corner of your eye.  

6.  Applying shadow to your crease.

I was also guilty of this one until recently.  Applying a darker shade to your crease can make your eyes look smaller.

Instead, apply it directly above the crease to open up your eyes.  

7.  Using too many shadows at once.

If you have a palette with several colors, you might be tempted to blend several shades together.  

Generally, you don't want to use more than three colors at a time.  Use a medium shade on your lid, darker shade just above your crease, and a lighter shade under your brows.

8.  Using black liner during the day.

Darker colors can make your eyes look recessed and smaller.  

Switch to a lighter shades to make your eyes look more open and awake.

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9.  Using highlighter too much.

Highlighters are great products when used properly.  In the day in a lot of light, they can highlight your face and every bump, scar, and imperfection.

If you do use a highlighter, leave it on your cheekbones, inner eye corners, and under the eye.  

10.  Apply bronzer sparingly.

Bronzer should also be applied sparingly.  Using it all over looks unnatural.  

Apply to your forehead, nose, and temples for a natural look.  Don't forget your neck, too.

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11.  Using waterproof mascara every day.

Waterproof mascara can be an amazing thing when its needed.  It's not meant for every day use because it can dry our your lashes.  It's also stubborn to remove, which can cause your lashes to fall out.  

Use waterproof formulas for special occasional and choose a gentler formula for daily use.

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12.  Using old products.

I know you paid a lot of money for your makeup, but it's not worth the risk to use expired products.  They can grow bacterial and other creepy things that can use acne or even an infection.  

Purge your makeup when it's past its expiration date.

13.  Using a brow pencil.

I'm not even sure why they make these because they don't look natural.  

Use a brow powder and an angled brush instead.

14.  Not cleaning your brushes.

Your brushes can become a breeding ground for bacteria.  Not only can dirty brushes cause blemishes, but they can also contaminate your makeup.  When you pay that much for your products, you don't want to alter the colors.  

Use a brush cleaner to clean your brushes weekly.

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15.  Using matte lipsticks on dry lips. 

Matte lipsticks are gorgeous, but if your lips are dry, they will emphasize each crack.  

Exfoliate your lips daily and use a lip balm to hydrate your lips.

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Confess: how many of these makeup mistakes were you making?  I was guilty of more than a few!  

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