Bebe & Bella Probiotic Skin Care Review
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I've always had pretty good skin, but my smile lines are getting worse with each passing year.  Rather than stop smiling or laughing, I've been using products that target those fine lines to make them less noticeable.  That's why I started using Bebe & Bella's probiotic skin care line.  It's an innovative skin care line that's unlike any I've ever used because it focuses on your appearance and your health.  Keep reading to learn more about probiotics and the Japanese method of layering skin care products for the best results.  

Bebe & Bella Skin Care

Bebe & Bella is owned by a mother and two of her daughters.  Their family business is pharmaceuticals, so it's no surprise that these three women began creating skin care products in 2013.  The focus of Bebe & Bella is probiotics, which are mainly thought of as digestive aids, but they also help your skin from the inside out.  

Probiotic Skin Care

The first thing you'll notice about Bebe & Bella skin care line is that it has both topical anti-aging products and a probiotic oral supplement.  The supplements are an important step to radiant skin because they encourage faster cell turnover for a protective moisture barrier and to help fight free radicals.  The supplements also help even out your skin tone and improve your complexion.  When combined with anti-aging skin care products, you'll get a skin care system that delivers results.  

BeBella Skin Care

The BeBella skin care line is based on the Japanese method of layering skin care products.  By applying products in a specific order, you'll get the maximum benefit from each product.  

For best results, use in the following order:
  1. Facial cleanser
  2. Toner
  3. Facial essence
  4. Eye cream
  5. Hydrating night cream
When used in this order, you'll soften fine lines, reduce inflammation, and even out skin tone by fading age spots.  For best results, use the system twice a day.

I also tried the Facial Essence Stick, which is used to refresh your skin on the go.  Even though I'm a work at home mom, I'm not home much because I have appointments almost daily, usually two or more each day.  I can put this in my makeup bag in my purse to refresh my skin between appointments.  Since I'm a mom who doesn't ever get enough sleep, I use this to reduce puffiness around my eyes that can creep up from lack of sleep.  

I also tried the Freeze Dried Probiotic Essence with Activator.  This has freeze dried probiotics vacuum sealed in a container that aren't activated until you use the activator hyaluronic acid.  This powerful skin care product makes your skin look more radiant and healthier.   

After using the BeBella Probiotics Essentials Starter Kit, my skin looks and feels great.  The essence and creams really plump up my skin to smooth out my lines.  What surprised me the most is how soft my skin is.  I joke that I've been looking for a product to hide the fact that I've been tired since 2006, and I think I've found it.  Finally, my skin doesn't look dull or tired.  

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