Michael Todd Sonic Eraser Pro Review
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I received product for being a Michael Todd ambassador.  As always, all enthusiasm is my own.

My beauty arsenal is full of a range of products in all price ranges.  I have some splurges and some drugstore steals.  One thing I always splurge on though is my skin care.  As I'm in my 30s, I think it's important to use higher quality products for their anti-aging benefits.  When I'm applying my serums and creams, it kills me to think about how much is wasted by getting absorbed into my fingertips and not my face.  Enter the Michael Todd Sonic Eraser Pro.  This revolutionary device helps you apply your skin care products to your face for maximum absorption.  Keep reading for my Michael Todd Sonic Eraser Pro review.

Michael Todd Sonic Eraser Pro review.

Michael Todd Sonic Eraser Pro Review

The Sonic Eraser Pro uses Triplex InfusionTM, which is a 3-in-1 technology to get your favorite creams and serums deeper into your skin.  When you apply your products with your fingertips, they reach the outer layer of skin.  With this device, the creams break through the outer layers of skin to reach the deeper layers, which is where they need to be for the maximum benefit.  

The Sonic Eraser Pro can be used by all skin types.  The device is rechargeable, so you don't have to worry about replacing batteries.  It's easy to use: just pump your skin serum or cream on the device itself or on your fingertip to transfer to the device.

Then use the Sonic Eraser Pro to apply your product to your face.  The device automatically turns on when it touches your skin and turns off again when you move it away from your face.  This is a feature that I absolutely love because I don't have to mess with an on or off switch to use it.  

When you're using it, it oscillates and heats up to 107 degrees help the product absorb deeper.  This feels like a mini spa.  I seriously love using it because it feels so good!  The heat doesn't just feel good, it opens the pores so your product gets absorbed better.  It also creates a negative flow of electrons to push your serums and creams deeper into your skin where they can help your skin.  

In an independent study of 32 women, 75 percent of women reported that their skin felt more hydrated and 72 percent said they used less product for each application.  Personally, I love saving money, especially on expensive products.  

About Michael Todd Beauty

I'm really excited to be a Michael Todd Beauty ambassador this year.  They have a line of skin care made with botanicals and without harmful ingredients, hence their slogan "where science meets nature".  They also have state of the art skincare devices to help your skin look its best.

Click here to learn more about the Sonic Eraser Pro.

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