Simply Straight Review and Giveaway
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By now, I'm sure you've seen Simply Straight on TV or in the stores.  It looks too good to be true, right?  You brush your hair straight without using a flat iron.  I'll admit that I was skeptical.  I've been using a flat iron on my thick, curly hair for years, and I wasn't sure how this would work.  Keep reading for my Simply Straight review and to enter a giveaway to win one of your own.

Simply Straight Review

My hair is thick and fairly curly.  I don't have a tight curl, but it can get unruly because it's so thick.  When I use a flat iron, I have to section off my hair in to several sections and it takes about half an hour to straighten it.

I washed my hair the night before I tried the Simply Straight and let it air dry.  Per the instructions, I brushed it out and was left with some serious waves.

My hair doesn't look too bad in this photo, but trust me, it definitely wasn't anything that I could show in public.

I still had to section off my hair to use the brush, so I sectioned off the top and let the bottom hang down.  It's important to brush from under your hair and not on the top.

See how the hair goes in between each of the little fingers?  They are tight enough that they gently pull your hair straight without being painful to use.

This is after I think 3 passes with the brush and about a minute.  This would have taken 5 to 10 minutes with a flat iron.  

I am due for a cut, so I did have some pulling on the top layer.  In all fairness, my hair is bleached and I use heat styling at least twice a week, so the ends are getting pretty bad.  I think the Simply Straight brush would glide through my hair if it weren't damaged on the ends.

How the Simply Straight Works

The Simply Straight brush has ceramic wrapped bristles.  It has a digital temperature control that goes up to 450 degrees and just takes a few seconds to heat up.  

You pull the brush under your hair in sections to gently straighten it.  It pulls your hair through the bristles to straighten it.  It also lifts your hair for more volume.

Simply Straight Review

I am honestly impressed with the device.  It definitely exceeded my expectations!  It does work very well for volume, and it got my hair straight in less time than it does with a flat iron.  I also used a lower heat setting, so maybe my hair won't get as damaged with this device.  

Simply Straight Giveaway

Simply Straight is also giving away one brush to one of my lucky readers!  Winner must reside in the US and and 18-years-old or older.  Good luck!

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