How much money can you save with Dryel?
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Thank you to Dryel for sponsoring this discussion.  As always, all enthusiasm is my own.  

When I introduced you to Dryel back in March, I mentioned that I love it because it saves time and money.  I've been using it for so long that I didn't even realize how much money we were saving.  I haven't had to drop a single thing off at the dry cleaners in over 10 years, so I was a little out of touch with the current prices.  When I did see a price list, I was shocked.  I knew we were saving money, but I didn't realize just how much we were saving.  

How much money can you save with Dryel?

How much money can you save with Dryel?

At the dry cleaners, you can expect to pay:
  • $4 per shirt
  • $14 per men's suit
  • $6 per pair of pants
  • $6 per sweater

The Dryel starter kit retails for about $10 and cleans 4 loads.  It also includes the bag that you put the clothes in, but you can reuse this with the refill kits.  The refill kits clean 8 loads for about $10. You can add 1 to 5 garments in each load, so the price per garment will vary depending on what you are cleaning.  

Let's keep the math simple and calculate for the refill kit at 8 loads for $10, so it would cost you $1.25 per load.  The cost per item is just $.25 to $1.25 per item, depending on how many items you clean at a time.

This doesn't include the gas you'll use to go to the cleaners twice.  For me, I would have to drive 10 miles each way, so I would use about 2 gallons of gas.  

Dryel offers significant savings for us because I clean about 2 shirts, 4 pairs of men's pants, and usually 1 suit a month for a total of $100.  In the winter, I would add 2 sweaters for a grand total of $112.  

With Dryel, I spend $3.75 a month.  And I don't have to drive anywhere.

Dryel On the Spot Stain Remover

Dryel just released their new stain remover that's safe for most fabrics, including dry clean only fabrics.  I'm a bit of a klutz, so I have one in my bag that travels with me everywhere.  It's easy to use; just squeeze and use the scrubber to erase the stains.  I've already saved two shirts with these pens!

Have you used Dryel on your clothes before?

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