Receutics Active Skin Care Review
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My skin has changed so much in the few years.  It used to be oily and large pores were my only skin concern.  Now that I'm in my 30s, I have combination skin, large pores, fine lines, uneven skin tone, and sensitive skin.  I recently tried the Receutics Active Skin Repair line for a month.  They have a few different lines of products, but I tried Anti-Aging products and the therapeutic cleanser for my sensitive skin.

receutics active skin care review

Receutics Active Skin Care Review

Receutics is a new kind of skin care.  Instead of covering your problems, it works to heal your skin on the cellular level.  Their products have a high concentration of antioxidants and nutrients so you see results.  In a clinical trial, 88 percent of the users saw improvement in 7 days.  Most products treat your skin problems temporarily, but Receutics supports skin renewal and repair for long-term results too.   

I tried the Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, Rapid Wrinkle Corrector, and Rapid Dark Spot & Tone Corrector.  I really liked the cleanser because my skin has been sensitive lately, which I'm sure is contributing to the redness on my cheeks.  This cleanser soothes my skin while it cleans.  It also hydrates, so it won't dry out the dry areas on my face.

The Rapid Wrinkle Corrector has retinol, vitamins, and antioxidants to lift and firm your skin.  It also helps even your skin tone.  Since it has retinol in it, it's best to use it at night and not in the morning since it can increase sensitivity to the sun.  If you do use it in the morning, be sure to use a sunscreen to protect your skin.  I only use it once a day, but you can use it morning and night after your skin adjusts to it.

My favorite was the Rapid Dark Spot & Tone Corrector.  It has vitamin C and hydroquinone to even out your skin tone and make your skin look brighter.  Again, always use a sunscreen if you use this in the morning.  

Receutics Review Results

I took before and after photos a month apart to show you the difference.  As you can see, I had some redness on my cheeks in the before photo that really improved in the after photo.  My skin tone is a lot better, and my fine lines do look better.  

Receutics Active Skin Care is dermatologist strength skin care, but it's available at Rite Aid.  They have lines for Acne Clearing, Dry Skin Therapy, Anti-Aging, and Sun Care.  

Which Receutics line would you like to try?

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