How to Make a Princess Briar Rose Head Band
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When I say that my 9-year-old daughter is dramatic, I really mean it.  She's involved in community theater, so it's kind of important that she is dramatic.  Even though we live in a rural area, we are very fortunate to have a great theater here that has shows for adults, teens, and children.  She couldn't wait to be old enough to join, and now she's done two plays.  This summer, they were doing a production of Briar Rose: A Tale of Sleeping Beauty.  She auditioned and got the lead part!  There were older kids in the play, so we were very happily surprised that she was picked for Briar Rose.

The theater provides the costume, and they picked the traditional Disney Sleeping Beauty pink dress. We were going to have her wear a tiara, but her hair was an issue.  Since she lies down when she's struck by the curse, we wouldn't do any type of updo for the play.  Her hair is in long layers, so we decided to use a head band.  I made this easy princess Aurora head band for her to wear, and I think it was perfect for keeping her hair back.

How to make a an easy princess Briar Rose headband for Sleeping Beauty.

DIY Princess Briar Rose Head Band

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I lucked out and found a wide plastic headband that was already wrapped in white ribbon.  I found all of my supplies at Pat Catan's, but the same headband is also available on Amazon.  I also found the Petaloo Darjeeling Teastained Dahlia Flowers at Pat's.  They are also available on Amazon by clicking here.

 The princess headband is so easy to make.  I laid out the flowers in the pattern that I wanted.  I wanted to alternate the two shades of pink, so I made the light pink the center since there were more of them.

Use a dot of hot glue to secure it in place.  Then keep working back and forth on each side to place the rest of the flowers on it.

We didn't go down to the bottom, but you could for an adult.  I just glued them on, tried it on her, and then glued another row until I thought it looked good.

And for less than $10, we have a DIY princess Briar Rose head band that matched her dress perfectly.  I may be a little biased, but I think she's the cutest Briar Rose there ever was.

She was in two performances in one weekend, and she did great!  She knew all of her lines.  She was working on her acting more in this play, and she did a great job!  

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