Get the Look: Summer Beachy Waves on Short Hair with Sally Beauty
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Although I don't live anywhere near the beach, I still rock the beachy hair look in the summer.  I've let my hair grow out a little for summer just so I can add the waves.  My hair is still above my shoulders, so I consider it short.  Since it's not long enough to braid and use a flat iron to heat it in the braid, I use my flat iron to create the waves.  It's really easy and just takes a few minutes to get a great look.

I had been using an inexpensive flat iron for a few years, and it was time to upgrade.  I went to Sally Beauty to look at the new flat irons.  The One 'n Only Argan Heat intrigued me because the ceramic plates with argan oil.  I love, love, love argan oil for my hair, so I picked it up.  It even comes with a sample of argan oil to use on my hair.

My hair dryer wasn't ceramic or ionic, so I also upgraded to the One 'n Only Argan Heat hair dryer because the ceramic plate is infused with argan oil and it's ionic to dry my hair quicker.  

Even though my hair is short, it is very thick.  Using a flat iron is a nightmare without clips, and getting beachy waves without section off my hair is next to impossible.  These clips are fun and easy to use one handed, so I picked up a new set while I was at Sally Beauty.

Beachy Waves on Short Hair

1.  Wash and dry your hair.  If your doesn't hold curl well or you have curly hair that you're trying to change the curl pattern, spray your hair with hair spray and let it dry before you use heat.

2.  Part your hair and section it off using clips.  If your hair is thin, you might be able to section off the left and right and that's it.  Since my hair is thick, I separate each side in to top and bottom sections.

3.  Rather than taking a horizontal section of hair, you want to take a vertical section of hair and hold your flat iron vertically.  Then flip the iron back and pull it through your hair.  I leave the bottom few inches uncurled.

4.  Let the waves  rest while you finish that section.  Then spray with hair spray.  Gently loosen the waves to get the desired look.

That's it!

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Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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