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I've shared that my mother has been sick, but I haven't shared a lot of details here.  Just over a year ago, she suffered a traumatic brain injury.  Before this, she was in fairly good health.  She was living independently, working, and able to care for herself.  
Since the incident, she's has a lot of health problems, including limited mobility.  She walks with a cane now, and she recently got a walker to help her walk when she goes to the store.  She's not in a wheelchair, but I think she might be in the next few years.  I have a small SUV, so she doesn't have to step up or down to get it, but it's still hard on her when I take her to her appointments.  I have helped her from a wheelchair to my car, and she fell beside the car, even with a nurse helping us.  I do have real concerns about how I will be able to get her to her doctor's appointments if she ever moves to a wheelchair.  I've already started researching ways to make it easier, and NMEDA is a great resource.

National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association

If you're thinking about adapting a vehicle for a disability, it can be overwhelming looking at all of the options.  There are many modifications available for different needs, so it's hard to know what you'll need and what you won't need.  
That's where a NMEDA dealership comes in.  They are experts, so they can recommend specific things that you or your loved one will need based on the disability and your budget.
There are NMEDA dealers all over the United States and Canada, so you can find one that's local.  This allows you to meet with the dealer to discuss your options before purchasing.  If you do need help in the future, you can contact the dealer for help without making a long trip to the dealership.  
Since you'll likely only have one vehicle set up for limited mobility, it's imperative that the vehicle stays in top condition.  This is why NMEDA dealers offer 24 hour emergency assistance for all purchases made through their dealerships.

Quality Assurance Program

You'll get the highest quality care from a NMEDA dealership because they are Quality Assurance Program (QAP) certified.  NMEDA QAP ensures that each technician who installs the equipment is certified and uses calibrated tools for the safest installation..    
NMEDA doesn't just specialize in wheelchair mobility; they have several adaptive technologies to help those with disabilities remain active.
Some of their products include:
  • Electronic Controls
  • Acceleration and Braking 
  • Wheelchair Lifts
  • Restraints and Seating
  • Wheelchair Carriers
  • Steering Aids
Although my mother is a few years away from a wheelchair, I'm glad we do have options.  I like knowing that I can get a full sized van, minivan, or even a truck to help make it easier for her to travel.  I feel a lot more comfortable knowing what to expect and knowing that the experts at NMEDA will help us get what we need.  
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