8 Great Infused Water Recipes
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We all know that drinking water is essential for our bodies.  Getting enough water helps every system in our body, and I noticed that my skin looks a lot better when I get enough water.  I don't mind the taste of plain water, but sometimes I need a change to keep it interesting.  My kids also drink a lot of water, but they do prefer the fruit infused water recipes over plain water.  Fruit infused water does have some nutritional benefits as well, and I'll explain those below.
8 Great Infused Water Recipes

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When you eat fruit, you get all of its vitamins and a boost of fiber.  By infusing the fruit, you can get some of the vitamins, but you don't get any of the fiber.  Our bodies need fiber, so don't substitute drinking fruit infused water for eating fruit.  That said, it's all about making better choices for me.  Fruit infused water is definitely better than an artificially flavored drink, so even without the fiber, I'm still making a better choice than grabbing something from a bottle.  I don't let my kids drink anything with HFCS or food dyes, so this is a good alternative for them.

When you infuse fruits in water, some of the vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients get in to the water.  It can also alter the pH of the water, which can help ward off certain diseases and conditions.  Some fruits, like lemons, are even said to boost your metabolism, although this boost is not a substitute for good eating and exercising.  

One of the main benefits of fruit infused water for me is that it can satisfy my sweet cravings.  I don't get a lot of cravings for sweet food, but when I do, it needs met.  I'd rather drink a naturally flavored sweet drink than grab some candy!

How to Infuse Water

Infusing water is really easy.  Start with fresh fruit that isn't overripe.  Then cut it in to small cubes or slices and place in a bottle.  Fill with cold water and let it sit for several hours.  You can start drinking it right away, but it's best to let it sit for a few hours in the fridge.

If you're making a lot of infused water for a crowd, you can buy a carafe to infuse a gallon or more.  I like this large carafe because it keeps the fruit and water separate, but you can use a large pitcher if you wish.  

Sometimes I just want some infused water for myself, so I use a much smaller container.  I like the ones with the insert like this infuser bottle.

8 Great Infused Water Recipes

Try one of these infused water recipes for inspiration:

If you are looking for more infused water recipes, try this book with 80 recipes!

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