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12 April 2016

My Must Have Beauty Favorites

There are certain things that I won't leave the house without putting on.  You know, those things that you would have to take with you to a deserted island.  These are also the items that I splurge a little on because they are important to me, and they give me a confidence boost when I use them.   

My Must Have Beauty Favorites

Must Have Beauty Favorites


I wear eyeliner every time I leave the house.  I usually have on eyeshadow, but I switch that up between several different brands and colors.  My liner, however, is my must have splurge.  I have oily skin, so I have to use a liner that won't dissolve and leave me with raccoon eyes.  


I don't feel like my look is complete without some mascara for definition.  I don't like heavy mascara for my every day look, so I use a product that gives me enough coverage to make my eyes stand out yet still looks natural.


I'll bet you don't think of your deodorant as a beauty essential, but for me it sure is.  I'm really excited to partner with Dove for this post because I've been loyal to Dove deodorants for many years.  I really love their new Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant because it has 48-hour protection against odor and wetness.  The NutriumMoisture formulas also leave my underarm feeling soft and reduce irritation after shaving.  For me, it's an essential upgrade to my beauty routine!  

Powder Primer

Since I have oily skin, my face tends to get shiny before noon.  I use a powder primer every day, whether I use a foundation that day or not.  It blends in with my skin perfectly and helps me feel confident that my face won't become an oil slick before the day is over.  

What are your must have beauty favorites?

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Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

Cari lives on a small farm in Ohio with her husband, three kids, two dogs, two cats, five goats, several chickens, and homing pigeons. She loves Gilmore Girls, coffee, and her kids. Not in that order.