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14 March 2016

Save Time, Money on Dry Cleaning

This year, I'm teaming up with Dryel as one of their brand ambassadors.  I'm really excited because it's a brand that I've been using for many, many years.  I like Dryel because it saves me money, it's easy, and it works.  If you've ever debating buying an adorable article of clothing because it has to be dry cleaned, then keep reading.  There's a better alternative than going to an expensive dry cleaner every time you wear your favorite clothes.  One reason that I love Dryel so much is because I live in a rural area.  Our dry cleaning services are limited, so they are expensive.  Not to mention that I would have to drive 20 minutes to drop them off and another 20 minutes to pick them up.  That's not convenient for my schedule, so I'd rather clean them at home.  

What Is Dryel?

Dryel is an at-home dry cleaning kit that you use in your dryer.  Refreshing your clothes takes 15 minutes, and you can get a deep clean in 30 minutes.  The best part?  It doesn't use any chemicals!  There is no phosphates, perchloroethylene, or trichloroethylene in any of their products.  

If you've never used Dryel before, you'll want to start with their starter kit.  It has a booster spray, reusable fabric bag, and 4 cleansing cloths.  You can buy the refill kit with 6 cleansing cloths and reuse the fabric bag from the starter kit.

How to Use Dryel

  1. If you have stains on your clothes, spray them with the Dryel Booster Spray.  
  2. Add 1 to 5 pieces of clothing to the reusable fabric bag and add one ULTRAcleaning cloth.
  3. Tumble dry on medium heat for 15 minutes to refresh your clothes or 30 minutes to deep clean your clothes.
Yes, it really is that easy!  

I use Dryel for my delicate shirts that have beads or other decorations, my husband's suits and ties, and sweaters.  You can use it for most any clothes that need dry cleaned except leather, suede, velvet, silk, fur, or rayon.  You can even use it for stuffed animals and pillows to get them clean without ruining them by getting them soaking wet.

What to learn more about Dryel?  Follow them on social media.

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Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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