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03 March 2016

Different Types of Bras

Friends, we've gotten pretty personal here.  We've talked about K-Y, periods, LBL, intimacy in your marriage, and how to date your husband.  We're going to get very personal today.  Let's talk bras.  I hate bra shopping more than I hate shopping for jeans.  There are so many different kinds of bras, how is a girl to know which one is the right one?  And don't get me started on sizes.  I can't walk in and grab my size and expect it grab a pair of jeans off the rack and expect them to fit me.  Oh no, I need to try one each and every one.  Here, I'll explain how bras are sized and the different types of bras available to buy.

Different Types of Bras

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How To Measure Bra Size

If your bra cup is wrinkled, the band rides up, your breasts spill over the cups, your straps slip, or your underwire is poking you, you are wearing the wrong size bra.  Not only will you be uncomfortable, but also your clothes won't fit properly.  Most department stores will measure you for free.  
  1. While wearing a non-padded bra or no bra, use a tape measure to measure around the bottom band of your bra or where it would be under your breasts.  Make sure the measuring tape is snug against your skin and level all the way around.  Round up to the nearest whole number.  This is your bust measurement.
  2. Next measure around the fullest part of your bust.  The difference between this measurement and your bust measurement determines your cup size.
  3. 1" = A, 2" = B, 3" = C, 4" = D, 5" = DD, and so on.  

Different Types of Bras

T-shirt bras have a seamless cup so they don't show through a t-shirt or other tight fitting shirt.  The cups have a light padding for more discretion.  

Demi cup bras have lower cups than most other bras.  They usually plunge low in the center to show off more cleavage, and the shoulder straps are often set apart.  They are best for wide necklines, scoop neck tops, and low cut tops.

The bandeau bra is a strip of fabric that covers your bust, like a tube top.  They don't have a fastener and instead are made from stretchy fabric.  They usually have detachable straps so you can wear it with or without straps.  Since this style of bra doesn't offer support, it's best for women with smaller breasts.  

The cups on a full cup bra completely cover the breasts as the name suggests.  The shoulder straps are usually wider than on other bra styles, so they are best for women with larger breasts.  

The minimizer bra makes average sized and large breasts look smaller.  Depending on your size, it can take off one to two inches.  They are made with fabric with elastic in it to compress the breast while still being comfortable to wear.  

Push up bras push your breasts up for more cleavage.  They are usually low in the center so you can wear a low cut top.  Some have removable padding, but you can remove it if you are bigger breasts.  

Sports bras are worn while exercising, and there are different types.  For low impact sports like yoga, look for a comfortable sports bra.  If you run, you'll want one with more support to stop your bust from bouncing.  Some sports bras also have fabric that helps wick away sweat to keep you drier.  

Strapless bras have no straps, so they are used with strapless dresses and tank tops.  It's very important to get a good fit because the band is the only part of the bra that keeps it in place.  It shouldn't be tight, but it should be firm around the band.  Some have removable straps, like the one pictured.  

Sometimes called a U-plunge, the deep plunge bra is made for very low cut necklines.  They are the lowest in the center of any bra, so they are more versatile than different types of bras like a demi bra.  They usually have reinforcers on the side and an underwire for more support.  Some women use a fashion tape to keep them in place.  

This is one bra of the different types of bras that every woman should own.  The straps have hooks on each end so they can be moved around.  The convertible bra is great is you wear a lot of tank tops or other tops that will show straps on regular bras.  
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