Top Tips for Perfect Teeth - Some Might Surprise You!
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Like most teenagers, I did my time with braces.  My experience was a little different because I was 16-years-old when I got them on and already a freshman in college and a junior when I got them off.  Since I was a little older, I appreciated the process—and the expense—a little better than younger kids do.  I knew exactly how much my parents spent on my braces, and I knew that it was important that I take care of my newly perfect smile.  When I moved out on my own, it was important to find dental as well as health insurance so I could keep my teeth healthy.  I didn’t want to be faced with expensive dental treatments that I couldn’t afford and risk losing two years of pain, so my husband and I have always have good dental insurance.  Keep reading for my top tips for a perfect smile and more information about dental insurance.

Top Tips for Perfect Teeth

Brush Your Teeth Before Breakfast

Many people think that they will wait until after breakfast to brush their teeth, but you should brush your teeth as soon as you wake up.  While you sleep, bacteria forms a film on your teeth, and you want to get it off as soon as possible.  After you eat, you can rinse with water to remove food debris from your mouth.

Don’t Brush Just After Eating

When you eat, the pH in your mouth lowers because of your food and drink.  It takes at least half an hour for your saliva to raise the pH to its normal level.  If you brush your teeth while your mouth is acidic, it can actually cause erosion and harm your tooth enamel, which can make your teeth sensitive. 

Electic vs Manual Toothbrushes

Both are effecting at cleaning your teeth—if your technique is good.  If you don’t brush your teeth properly, no toothbrush will correct it.  Talk to your dentist about tips to help you brush properly no matter what toothbrush you have.

Floss Every Day

No toothbrush can get the food particles that are stuck between your teeth, so it’s imperative that you floss every single day.  It only takes a few extra minutes, but it can prevent a lot of problems in the future.  Again, ask your dentist how to floss properly so you don’t injure your gums.

Floss Before You Brush

Flossing before you brush acts as a pre-wash for your teeth.  It gets debris out that your toothbrush can’t reach, and it helps you get more debris out of your mouth than brushing alone or brushing before flossing.

Visit the Dentist

It’s recommended that you see a dentist for a cleaning twice a year.  Even if you take very good care of your teeth at home, bacteria can still build up on your teeth.  A professional cleaning can remove this buildup.  Left untreated, this bacteria buildup can lead to tooth decay, cavities, and even tooth loss.

Dental Insurance

Visiting the dentist can be expensive, especially if you need work done to your teeth.  That’s where Guardian Dental comes in.  They offer plans that cover basic dental treatments and most expensive procedures that you or your family may need. 

The best part?  You can sign up at any time!  You don’t have to wait for a qualifying event to purchase Guardian Dental insurance.

Does your family need dental insurance?  Visit Guardian Dental to see which plans are offered in your area.  

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