The Best Lighting For Applying Makeup + Giveaway
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You could have the best makeup skills, tools and products, but if your lighting is bad, chances are your makeup will look bad. Your foundation may look perfectly in your mirror at home, but when you catch a glimpse in the rear view mirror, you may find streaks.  Colors can even appear different when you apply your makeup in artificial light versus natural light.  That's why I love my OttLite for applying makeup.  Keep reading for some times for the best lighting for applying makeup and one of my lucky readers will win an OttLite Natural Daylight LED Flex Light of their own!

Natural Light Is Best

Natural light is the best for applying makeup, but this isn't always practical.  My bathroom was an afterthought in a house that was built before bathrooms, so the window is in the shower.  Yes, the shower.  Thankfully we live quite far from any neighbors!  I don't have a vanity in my bedroom nor do I have room for one.  So I'm stuck applying my makeup in the bathroom or at the kitchen table.  That's why I have the OttLite Natural Daylight LED Flex Light.  It's not so big that I can't move it around, but it's big enough for me to get enough light.

Avoid Overhead Lights

Overhead lights can cast a shadow on your face, which means you're more likely to apply too much product.  I actually turn off my overhead light because it's not a daylight bulb and just use my Ott light for makeup.

No Bright Lights

You don't want overly bright light, no matter which type of light you use.  I like my Ottlite because it has three light settings.  I can use the low or medium setting for my makeup, but I save the brightest setting for crafting.  

Side Lighting

The best set up for makeup lights is side lights three feet apart on both sides of the mirror.  These should be at eye level, so if you are short or tall, you may need them raised or lowered.  

The Right Bulbs

Cool lights can look harsh, and yellow lights can make you look sallow.  If your bulb colors are off, you might be tempted to use more products to cover up flaws that aren't even there!  


One of my lucky readers will win their own OttLite Natural Daylight LED Flex Light!  I have a coupon code for everyone to use to save 30% off their order too.  Use code OttLiteLED30 at  Expires May 31, 2016.  Coupon valid in the United States only.  Canadian customers can call 1-800-842-8848 to place an order.  Giveaway for 18+ only in the United States or Canada (except Quebec).

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