Via Nature Deodorant Giveaway Ends 1/19
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It's time for another giveaway and you all are going to love it! I recently got the chance to try Via Nature's  Deodorant Sticks from Universal Biosciences and I was very impressed. One lucky reader will win 4 Via Nature Deodorant Sticks; there's Lavender Eucalyptus, Rosemary Sandalwood, Sweet Orange Lemongrass and Fragrance Free. There's a fragrance (or non-fragrance) for everyone!

What I really love about Via Nature's Deodorant Sticks is that they don't use any harmful chemicals and that's very important to me. Via Nature deodorants have no Aluminum, Parabens, Glutens or Artificial Fragrances in them. They never test on animals and their formulas never contain animal ingredients. A combination of all natural ingredients gives you safe deodorant protection with using ingredients that are harmful to you.     

Licorice Root Extract and Magnolia Bark are known for their medicinal and anti-bacterial properties. They work together to inhibit the growth of bacteria including Staphylococcus Epidermidis, which is the bacteria that causes body odor. Natural Deodorizing Enzymes are non-toxic and contain live enzymes that help your body break down organic odor causing compounds. These deodorants are given their power by using 100% natural essential oils and cleansing properties. As I mentioned earlier, there is also a fragrance free option for those who are sensitive or prefer not using fragrances. 

These Via Nature Deodorants work great for me and the scented ones smell amazing. If you are worried about using products with dangerous chemicals on your skin, trying these natural deodorants are the perfect place to start. I have found them to work just as well, if not better, than other deodorants and I will continue to use them. I love that I can read and understand all the ingredients on the label and I really love that I can feel good knowing that my family and I are using something that won't hurt us. If you haven't already tried Via Nature Deodorant Sticks, I strongly recommend that you do.                                                                                                                                                     

Now, it's time for the giveaway! Be sure to take a few minutes to enter the giveaway below. Once lucky winner will receive all 4 Via Nature Deodorant Sticks to try for themselves. Good luck!

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