Cold And Flu Survival Kit
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I don’t have time to get sick.  I just don’t.  Even if I do get sick, I don’t have time to wait to get better.  I need to take action, and I need results fast.  Besides me not having time to get sick, my younger son doesn’t have the best immune system.  When he gets sick, he’s gets very sick.  For that reason, I have to take extra precautions during cold and flu season so none of us get sick, and if we do get sick, then we need to feel better quickly.  Keep reading for my cold and flu survival kit essentials to help you get better fast.


Cold and Flu Prevention

The best way to survive a cold is to not get one in the first place.  According to Chloraseptic® Pharmacist Maria Mantione, you can help prevent getting sick by:
  • Washing your hands often with soap and water. 
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Eat healthy foods every day.
  • Exercise often.
  • Minimize stress in your life.
Even when we practice these tips, we can still get sick.  I don’t like to be down when I get sick, but I know that rest helps me feel better quicker.  That’s why I put together a cold and flu survival kit to use when I need it.

Cold and Flu Survival Kit

Sore throats irritate me more than other symptoms of a cold.  I want relief, and I want it now.  That’s why I always keep Chloraseptic®spray in my kit, and I’m loving their new cherry flavor. 
Chloraseptic® is the #1 sore throat relief brand with their sprays and lozenges to help you get relief.  I really love that I can get target relief with one spray without taking a medication that can cause side effects or make me drowsy.  I also keep a thermometer in my kit so I can easily find it when I’m sick and a small pack of tissues.  I found some fun animal print tissues, and animal prints always make me feel better.
When I’m sick, I get a little grumpy.  Okay.  A lot grumpy.  That’s why I have some pampering items in my kit.  I keep a few things to pamper myself in my kit.  I include some of my favorite tea, lip balm, hand lotion, and a puzzle book to keep myself occupied if I’m in bed for part of the day. 

Do you have a cold and flu survival kit?  If you need to start one, use this coupon to save on Chloraseptic®. 
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