6 Surprising Health Benefits of Tea
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I’m a major coffee addict, but I also drink a lot of tea.  White tea is my favorite because it has a mild flavor and less caffeine than black tea.  I try to drink a two or three glasses of white tea a day because of the many health benefits of tea.  I feel a lot better when I drink my tea every day.  I’m not a doctor, so I won’t tell you that drinking tea cures all ailments, but for me, I know that my pain is greatly reduced when I drink 2-3 cups of tea a day.  Some research backs up my claims that tea has medical benefits.  Keep reading for 6 surprising health benefits of tea and some awesome tea gifts to give or to treat yourself with.

6 Surprising Health Benefits of Tea

1.  Better memory, concentration, and focus

Studies show that L-Theanine, which is an amino acid found in tea, can improve memory, concentration, and focus.  The caffeine can also give you a small jolt to help you stay more alert.

2.  Protection against dementia 

Drinking tea may also help lower your chances of getting dementia.  It’s thought that tea helps blood sugar regulation and nerve synapses, which is even more reason to drink tea daily. 

3. Lower cortisol levels

You’ve probably heard about cortisol in the news lately.  It’s a hormone that your body releases when it’s stressed, and it causes you to age quicker and store belly fat.  In a study, they found that drinking tea daily for six weeks may naturally stop spikes in cortisol.

4. Anti-inflammatory

For me personally, if I don’t drink my tea, I take anti-inflammatory medications every day.  When I drink my tea for several days at a time, I don’t need any pills.  Studies show that drinking tea can lower inflammation in the body, which can protect against cardiovascular disease. 

5.  Lowering cholesterol

In addition to protecting your heart by reducing inflammation, tea can also help you lower your cholesterol levels.  It’s thought to absorb cholesterol in the intestines.
6.  Allergy Relief

Studies show that EGCG, which is found in tea, can help reduce allergies from pollen.  Tea can also reduce your histamine response to help allergies.  Don’t forget to use locally sourced honey in your tea for more allergy benefits.

Gifts for Tea Lovers

 Now that you know the health benefits of tea, you'll definitely want to add tea time to your daily routine.

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