How to Date Your Husband
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Do you remember, before you got married, when dates were almost magical?  You waited by the phone for him to call, and then you spent days thinking about your date and planning for it, wishing the weekend would come sooner.  When date day finally came, you picked the perfect outfit, fixed your hair just right, and meticulously applied your makeup.  Remember those butterflies in your tummy?  

Now that I'm married with three kids, dates are few and far between.  I do dress nice, fix my hair, and apply my makeup, but it's not with the same care that I used to.  And those butterflies?  They are still there, and that's how I know I married my soul mate.  Keep reading for my top tips on how date your husband.
How to Date Your Husband

Date Night

Pick a date and mark it on your calendar.  Be prepared and line up a sitter and a backup.  My husband and I usually do the usual dinner and a movie when we go out.  That's nice, but it's safe and boring.  Try something new.  Go to an amusement park, see a live show that's only in town for the weekend, or even go rock climbing.  Do something that you can both look forward so you're both excited to go.

How to Date Your Husband

If you can't get a sitter, I sympathize.  We have two special needs kids, so we can't trust just anyone.  This doesn't mean that you can't date your husband; it just means that you have to be more creative.  My kids are never allowed to eat food or watch movies in their rooms.  On date night, I feed them an early dinner and let them eat popcorn and watch rented movies together in one of the bedrooms.  They feel like little rebels, and we get some peace downstairs.


Ladies, when was the last time you flirted with your husband?  Send him texts letting him know that you're thinking about him and can't wait until he gets home.  When he is home, get physical and touch his arm while you're talking or hug him as you walk past him.  

Primp and Prepare

Your husband has seen you at your best and at your worst, and he loves you regardless.  That doesn't mean you shouldn't dress to impress.  I know you probably have a few kids asking you to find their missing toys while you are primping, but keep going.  Take the time to pick out a cute outfit, one that you feel confident in.  Fix your hair a little different.  If you usually wear a ponytail, let it down.  If you always wear it down, try an updo for the evening.  Take time to apply to your makeup and use all of those fancy products that you never have time to use.  Taking time to primp does two things:  It boosts your confidence because you took the time to care for yourself, and it shows your husband that you want to impress him, which is a major turn on.

Get in the Mood

As women, we can have difficultly getting in the mood.  Sometimes shutting our brains off is really hard!

How much milk is left?  Are the library books due?  Do we have meetings tomorrow?

This can be very difficult to stop.  Your husband deserves your full attention, so keep repeating Later.  Later.  LATER!

Women also take a little warming up to get in the mood, and sometimes it takes longer than usual. This is usually not a cause for concern for women, and it's certainly nothing to be embarrassed about.
This is where Fiera comes in.  Fiera is a hands-free product that women can use to help them get in the mood.  It uses gentle vibration and a soft suction to increase blood flow to the area, which warms you up.  It's before-play if you will.  It gets both your mind and your body in the mood, which means more fun for you and your partner.

Women's sexual health isn't addressed very often.  You can learn more about women's sexual health issues by visiting the Fiera website.
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