Choosing The Perfect Panties for Your Health
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Ladies, did you know that your choice in panties can affect your health?  It's true!  The wrong panties can be uncomfortable, and it could even cause a serious infection.  If you've had skin problems or other problems, it could be your panty choice.  Keep reading for tips on choosing the perfect panties and free samples of U by Kotex.


If you hit the gym in tight pants, thongs are probably your first choice so you don't have embarrassing panty lines.  Thongs are probably the worst panties that you can wear while working out because the slide back and forth, which is uncomfortable and can cause infections.  Instead wear cotton undies or, even better, moisture wicking fabric.  


Thongs in general aren't good for your health because bacteria from the back can travel up front when the thong shifts and moves.  This can cause serious health problems and infections.  If you have to wear a thong, make sure it's cotton.


This natural fiber wicks moisture away from your skin, so it's the best choice to prevent irritation.  Cotton is also slow to dry, so be sure to change it after you work out.

Seamless Panties

If you find yourself getting lines in your skin from your panties, look for seamless panties.  Over time, those lines can darken your skin or even cause permanent scarring.  You can also get a rash from your underwear rubbing on your skin.

Now that you know what panties to buy for your health, do you know how to protect them?  U by Kotex Curves® has curved liners and light day liners.  Both offer serious protection against spotting and surprises.  They stay in place, so you can stay confident.

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