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I've got champagne tastes on a bottom shelf boxed wine budget.  I wish I could buy all of the beauty products that I want, but it's not practical.  First of all, I don't have room to store them, and secondly I'm too cheap frugal to pay full price for all of them.  Luckily, there's a website to help me shop smarter.  Shopswell truly lives up to its name because it helps me plan my purchases, and it alerts me when things go on sale.  If you haven't checked out Shopswell yet, you really should.  It's like Pinterest and your favorite stores got together and had a baby.  Keep reading to see how to save money on your favorites, and as a bonus, it also serves as a great wish list to pass to family this Christmas. Hint, hint, hubby.

On Shopswell, you create themed lists, like this one I created for beauty splurges.  When I see something that I love, I can add it to my list to buy later.  I can even enter the price, and if the price drops, they will alert me so I can buy it for a cheaper price.

Another thing that I love about Shopswell is that you can browse other user's lists and see their favorites.  See those rectangles below my list?  Those are similar lists.  You can easily add products from other lists to your own lists to save for later.  Like other social media sites, you can follow users and and share lists.  

I like to read reviews of products before I buy them on the Internet since I can't see it in person.  Shopswell also has user reviews to read, and some products even have video reviews.  

There are a lot of products listed on the site, but you can also add your own.  Just click on the plus in the upper right corner and then paste the product URL.  Add the price if it isn't listed, check the box to track the price if you want to, and click on add to list.

Shopswell is sponsoring a Shop, Share, Win. contest right now.  They are giving back $10,000 to the community based on credits users earn.  To earn credits, users can create lists, comment on other user's lists, and leave videos are reviews on lists and products.  Users can also earn credits by sharing lists, deals, and products and inviting other members to Shopswell.  The leaderboard is updated daily.   Learn more about how to play by clicking here.

What lists will you create on Shopswell?

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Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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