BIC Simply Soleil Click Review and Giveaway Ends 8/31
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Thank you to BIC for providing the information and the prize for the giveaway.  As always, all opinions are my own.

I was really happy when BIC asked me if I'd like to review their newest razor, the Simply Soleil Click™.  I have been loyal to BIC Soleil razors for several years, and I wanted to share them with my readers.  They generously agreed to giveaway 10 packages of razors to one lucky winner!  Keep reading to enter the giveaway for a chance to win.  

One of the things that I like best about the BIC Simply Soleil Click razor is that it's not a true disposable, yet it's not a true refillable razor either.  I don't like throwing away disposables because it's not good for the environment.  On the other hand, when I have a refillable razor, the handle doesn't last forever, then I have to buy another expensive razor to use the refills that I already have.  

The BIC Simply Soleil Click is the best of both worlds.  Each pack comes with a a handle and six refills for just $6.99 MSRP.  That gives you quite a bit of use, and it's a great price for six refills!  
Unlike disposables, Simply Soleil Click is gently on my legs.  Each cartridge has a moisture strip with cocoa butter on it, which leaves my legs feeling great.  Each refill cartridge has three blades for a smooth shave.  

If you'd like to win 10 packs of BIC Simply Soleil Click, just enter below.  Giveaway open to US residents 18 and older.  Good luck!  

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Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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