How to Make No Sew Face Wipes
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Did you ever notice that on television girls splash water gently on their faces and look up in the mirror with a perfectly clean and rinsed face?  If I did that, not only would my face still be covered in soap, but my bathroom would also be soaked.  That's why I use washcloths when I wash my face.   I'm not a good seamstress, so I came up with these no-sew face wipes so I could make them myself without asking my mom for help.  They just take a few minutes to make, and they are fairly inexpensive.  Keep reading for full instructions.

Before we get to the directions, let's talk pores.  Your pore size is predetermined by your genetics.  But when your pores get clogged by dirt and oil, they appear larger, and you are more likely to get blemishes.  Charcoal goes deep in my pores to lift out the debris, which makes pores appear smaller.   Bioré® Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser has natural charcoal, so it cleans 2x better than regular cleansers and naturally purifies your skin.  Even though it comes out of the pump a dark gray color, it creates a white lather and rinses clean, so it won't stain your hands, sink, or clothes.

The heat feels amazing!
I like to use face masks once a week to keep my skin hydrated and glowing.  I've been a big fan of Bioré® Self Heating masks for years because they feel amazing and work great.  I tried their new Bioré® Self Heating One Minute Mask with natural charcoal, and I was not disappointed.  Most masks take 10 to 15 minutes to work, but this little miracle cleans my pores in just 1 minute.  Just like with the facial cleanser, the mask has natural charcoal to trap and draw out deep-down impurities, and heat works to open your pores so even more gunk can come out.

I found both Bioré® products at Target, and they also have Bioré® Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strip to really deep clean your pores and reduce blackheads.  

How to Make No Sew Face Wipes

Several years ago, flannel washcloths were all the rage for washing your face.  I'm not sure why this fad died out because I love using them.  They are inexpensive, soft, and do a great job cleaning my face.  The only problem is that the most sewing I do is putting patches on my daughter's uniform.  Luckily, flannel won't ravel if you use this magic tool called pinking shears.  Maybe they go by another name because the store clerk, my friends, and my mother had no idea what I was talking about.  Or maybe I actually knew something about sewing that they didn't?  Either way, I found me some pinking shears so I could make no sew face wipes.

The zig zag design prevents some fabric from unraveling.
My fabric was pretty wrinkled from the store, so I had to iron it.  I have an ironing board, but it's being used to hold craft items while the paint dries, so I laid my fabric on a towel on the table.  I started on low and slowly increased the heat until the wrinkles ironed out.

I bought a section of fabric 12 inches x 44 inches.  I wanted to make my wipes almost square, so I marked every 11 inches.  You can make yours any size you want.  You could probably make them as small as 8 inches square or even a rectangle.  It's up to you.

Then I marked the line from top to bottom and cut it using the pinking shears.

After you cut your large piece of flannel in to smaller pieces, cut around the remaining edges with the pinking shears to stop them from unraveling.

Have you tried charcoal products from Bioré® yet? 

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