How to Use Concealer
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Concealer. This is one of the trickiest products for me. Apply it right, and you'll have a flawless look. Apply it wrong, and you'll draw attention to the blemish, which is the exact opposite of what you want to happen. Keep reading for tips to use this product to cover redness, blemishes, and under eye circles.

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How To Choose The Right Shade

Generally, you want a product that is one to two shades lighter than your natural skin color.  You might need to buy two products: one for winter and one for summer.  You can also mix the two shades as your tan fades to get the perfect color.  It really helps to sample the color on your face, so you might want to visit a department store for samples the first time you buy it.  

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Colored Concealers

In addition to skin tones, concealers are also available in different colors.  
  • Use white on bruises or under eye circles or to brighten dull skin.  
  • Green and blue are used on red blemishes like rosacea or acne.  
  • Purple can brighten dull skin.  Use the colors under skin toned concealer. 

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Different Formulas

Concealers are also available in different formulas.  You might need to buy two or three different formulas depending on your skin needs.   
  • Solid sticks look like lipstick.  These are thicker and more pigmented, so they work better on small areas and scars.  Don't use these under your eyes or on large areas. 
  • Liquid is good for large areas of your face, like dark circles.  It doesn't cover as well as a stick, but it is a lot easier to blend.
  • Powders offer the least amount of coverage.  They work great for light blemishes and under eye circles.

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When To Apply

When you apply concealer depends on what you're covering. You want to use it under foundation or large areas such as redness or under eye circles. For small pimples or scar, apply foundation first because the foundation can rub off the concealer.
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How To Apply

You can use your finger, a makeup sponge, or a makeup brush to apply concealer. I like to use a sponge or brush for cream formulas, but I use my fingertip for liquid formulas. Creams give more coverage, but they are harder to blend.

Apply the product directly on top of the blemish and then tap your finger, makeup brush, or sponge to apply the product. You want to start with a small amount and gradually add more until the blemish is hidden. Then dust face powder on top to blend your makeup.
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  • For under eye circles, use a formula made to cover these tough blemishes.  They brighten the area to help hide the circles.  
  • To cover pimples, cover the red area with product using a stiff brush.  Let dry and repeat with a second coat.  Dust with powder.  
  • Hide scars by using an angled brush over just the scar tissue.  If the scar raises above your skin, use a shade that matches your skin tone.  For scars that sink under your skin, use a shade lighter than your skin tone.  
What is your favorite concealer?

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