Tips to Prevent Period Leaks
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Ladies, besides the pain and general feeling of yuck, what's the worst part of having your period?  Leaks.  For me, that feeling of fear and dread of having my pad leak on to my clothes -- or worse where I'm sitting! -- is enough to drive me crazy.  Here are some tips to prevent period leaks.

1.  Place Your Pad Correctly

If you find yourself leaking, you may need to adjust your placement for your perfect fit.  If you use a pad with wings, they can stop it from shifting.  Once you have your pad in place, be sure to press it down firmly to stop it from moving around.  

2.  Choose the Right Thickness and Length

If you are having frequent leaks, try a pad with more absorbency.  Longer pads might also be a good option to prevent leaks.  Look for overnight pads to wear at night instead of regular pads because they are longer and thicker.  

3.  Add Pantyliners

If you always leak in the front, try placing a pantyliner sideways above your pad.  

4.  Change Your Pad

If you find yourself leaking often, change your pad more often.  You may have to change it every hour for the first day or two.

5.  Switch to Leak-Free Pads

U by Kotex is the only pad to have 3D Capture Core, which locks moisture and prevents leaks.  

Want to be an Underwarrior?  Click here for a free sample of U by Kotex with 3D Capture Core so you can stop leaks!  
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Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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