Why Clean Makeup Brushes Are Important
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Allergic reactions, redness, acne, and sparse eyelashes have one thing in common: dirty makeup brushes.  Even if you wash your face faithfully twice a day every day, you are putting bacteria and germs right back on your face.  

You should clean your makeup brushes regularly, but how often is regularly?  That depends on what products you use and how you store your brushes.  If you use liquid foundation or shoot oversprayed hairspray on your brushes, then wash them twice a week.  If you don't wear makeup daily, then you might be able to go once a month.  

Keep reading for the gross facts about what can happen if you don't clean your brushes often enough.


Before you blame that new product for your skin problems, make sure your acne isn't caused by a dirty brush.  Even though you're applying product to clean skin, dead skin cells, oil, and dust can collect on your brush.  Acne is caused by dead skin cells, excess oil, and debris clogging pores, so it's the perfect recipe for a series of breakouts.


If you don't keep your brushes clean, they collect bacteria, dirt, and dust.  Then you dip the brush in your expensive makeup, which just transferred all those germs and nasty things right to your makeup.  If it's a wet makeup product, it's a breeding ground for bacteria.  


If you are suddenly allergic to makeup products, it might be from your unclean brushes.  Pet hair and other allergens can get in to a dirty brush, which puts the allergens all over your face.  Before you blame a product, clean your brush and see if that helps.


Viruses like herpes love moist environments.  Pinkeye can also be transferred from person to person through makeup brushes.  Do not share your brushes with anyone, and if you do have pinkeye, get new brushes.

Irritated Skin

As if blemishes, allergies, and herpes aren't bad enough, dirty makeup brushes can also cause skin irritations.  When the bristles get clogged with dust and makeup, they can become brittle, which makes them more abrasive.  This can lead to skin abrasions and irritations.  Keep your brushes soft by cleaning them often.


Okay, an eyelash curler isn't technically a makeup brush, but I'm going to throw it in here because you should clean it at the same time as your makeup brushes.  If your curler gets dirty, it can stick to your lashes.  This means that when you pull it away, your lashes could come away with it!  This is painful, not to mention embarrassing.


Dirty brushes mean that your favorite shadows will be a muddy mess because they are all mixed together.  You could also contaminate your products by introducing colors from different products in to them.


Good makeup brushes aren't cheap!  Clean makeup brushes last longer, which products your investment.

So what are you supposed to do about dirty brushes?  You can buy a cleaner to keep your brushes clean.  Keep in mind that your brushes will take hours to dry, so you might want to buy a spare brush to use while it dries.

Stay tuned this week because I'm going to post two DIY makeup brush cleaning recipes!   One is for daily use, and the other one is for deep cleaning once a week.  Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get updates.

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