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11 March 2015

5 Reasons Why Your Excuses for Not Exercising Aren't Valid

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When was the last time you said you'd exercise?  Did you?  Are you like me and have several excuses why you can't exercise?  I'm pretty creative, so I can always come up at least three reasons why I can't exercise.  Deep down, I know they aren't valid.  With my readers as my witnesses, I will debunk my excuses for not exercising. 

I Don't Have Time

Just like you and every other mom, I have a full calender.  I have something planned nearly every day, so where do I find the time to exercise?  For that matter, where do I find the time for anything?  I don't.  I have to make time.  Just like I schedule scout activities and church meetings, I have to schedule time to exercise.  I don't just schedule the day but also the time.  If it's not on my calender, it's not happening.  So now it happens.

I'm Tired

Of course I'm tired.  I'm not getting enough exercise!  I know that exercising in the morning gives me energy all day, so that's a terrible excuse for me.  I sleep better at night on the days I exercise, so it's really important to get active.

I'm On My Period

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You can find them at Walmart with the feminine hygiene products.  Mine were on the shelf with other products, but some stores have them in a special display.  

I Don't Have a Baby Sitter

When my kids were young, this was my favorite excuse.  I didn't want to leave them with someone so I could go to the gym, and my husband worked long hours.  I bought some DVDs and started working out at home.  It was a little difficult when they were babies, but when they got older they started working out with me.  They would try to mimic the moves, and they thought it was a lot of fun.  When they got even older, we started biking and walking together as a family for exercise.  We love the family time, and we all need some exercise.  

It's Boring

I've got to admit: Working out isn't my favorite thing to do.  I'm just not a naturally athletic person.  But I do realize that I feel so much better physically and emotionally when I stick to a schedule, so that gets me through the hour.  I also try to make it fun by listening to fast music.  When I had a treadmill in the house, I used to catch up on my favorite TV shows while I walked.  We go for walks around the farm in the evenings as a family, and that is fun family time.  I do enjoy being with the kids and my husband exploring and talking.  

I'm ready to exercise.  Are you?

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Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

Cari lives on a small farm in Ohio with her husband, three kids, two dogs, two cats, five goats, several chickens, and homing pigeons. She loves Gilmore Girls, coffee, and her kids. Not in that order.