Beauty Tips for Men
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Ladies, I've been posting some great tips, tricks, and recipes for you in the past few months.  Today, it's time for beauty tips for men.  I live in a rural area, so maybe it's the area I live in, but most men I know won't ask for tips.  But I know they want to know.  Maybe they are too afraid to ask.  Maybe they think real men shouldn't care about their appearance.  I call nonsense on that.  There's nothing wrong with wanting to look your best!

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Beauty Tips for Men

Beauty Tips for Men: Shaving

Clean shaven?  A little stubble?  A full beard?  So many options!  Not all men can pull off every look.  Ironically, the 5 o'clock shadow that's supposed to look rebellious are carefree actually takes some planning.  To get your stubble just the right length, you'll want to use an electric shaver.  

If you do go clean shaven, try making your own shaving soap.  My husband hasn't used anything else in five years!  He also likes my DIY spicy aftershave recipe, and so do I!

Some random trivia for you.  Facial hair has been scientifically proven to be sexy!

Beauty Tips for Men: Rough Hands

If you work with your hands, or just don't moisturize often, your hands can get dry and rough.  You might also have some stubborn grease spots on your fingers or under your nails.  That's easy to fix.  Just sprinkle some baking soda on your hands and wash with your favorite cleanser.  Use a nail brush to get under your nails or for more scrubbing power on your hands.  Baking soda dissolves grease and oil and gets rid of dead skin cells for smoother hands.

If your hair are cracked, you'll need an intensive moisturizer like O'Keefe's Working Hands.  Use this daily or twice a day until your hands are smooth again.  Look for a thick, creamy formula if your hands are prone to cracking.

Beauty Tips for Men: Nails

It's not uncommon for men to visit the salon for a manicure, but you can easily groom them yourself to save money.  Invest in a good clippers because cheap ones can cause cracks or jagged edges.  You don't want rough nails on your next date, if you know what I mean.  I personally use Clyppi and really like them.

If your nails are stained and the baking soda scrub doesn't get the stains off, buff them lightly with an emory board style nail file.

Beauty Tips for Men: Face

Wash your face twice a day with a soap made for your face.  You may be tempted to use your body wash or bar soap, but don't!  This can really dry out your skin.  Nivea and Dove both make great face washes for men that contain moisturizers to keep skin hydrated.

After you wash your face, pat it dry and use moisturizer.  Dove has a men's moisturizer that hydrates for smooth skin and has an SPF of 15 to prevent sun damage and premature aging.

Beauty Tips for Men: Teeth

Practice good oral hygiene by brushing, flossing, and using mouth wash twice a day.  If your teeth aren't as white as you would like, talk to your dentist or use whitening products at home.  Arm and Hammer has a gel that you add to your toothpaste to whiten a few shades.  If your teeth are stained from smoking or drinking coffee or tea, use whitening strips for more whitening.  Crest has a great kit that costs a little more, but it gives great results.

Beauty Tips for Men: Hair

Ask your stylist what styles would look best with your hair and face shape.  If you are the type of guy to walk in to a salon and see a different stylist each time, think about getting a regular stylist.  He or she will learn about you and your hair and be able to help you find a cut that is easy to style and looks great on you.

Don't use your body wash as a shampoo.  Your hair has different needs than your skin does, so use a separate shampoo.  Dove has a great line of men's shampoos.  If your hair is short, you can probably skip the conditioner unless your hair is really dry.

If your hair is starting to turn gray, you can use a Clairol has a line of dye just for men.  It doesn't have ammonia and has low peroxide, which means it's gentle on your hair.  It also has aloe and vitamin E to make your hair soft.

Beauty Tips for Men: Be Confident

One of the most important beauty tips for men is to be confident.  When you feel good, you look good!

Are there any beauty tips for men that you would add?

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