Must Have Drugstore Beauty Favorites
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I've been slacking on my blog for the last week.  If you are regular and have noticed, then I love you for noticing!  I also sell handmade items on Etsy and vintage on eBay, so I took the plunge and rented space in a new vintage and handmade store.  I made the commitment last Monday, so I had 9 days to have everything in place for their opening day.  While I have plenty of inventory for Etsy, I didn't want to pull it all out to put in the store.  I also didn't have any displays for my stuff.

I did have some well-loved shelving that could look cool with a coat of paint.  I normally paint teeny little things, like picture frames, so I said to myself, "Cari, if you can paint a picture frame, you can paint a shelving unit!  In fact, you can paint 5 of them PLUS a peg board!  Easy peasy!"  And then my other voice said, "LOL"  But the first voice was louder, and now I can't move.

But I am now the proud owner of some rocking shelving units all painted a beautiful blue, distressed just right, waxed, and sanded.  This weekend, I still have to pull everything I have for sale and price it.  Then I can finally get back to writing!

In the mean time, enjoy this post that I've been working on for a while.  There are my top drugstore beauty favorites.  I wish I could afford to have all high dollar makeup and beauty essentials because they are great quality, but these are easier to find brands that cost a whole lot less.  Enjoy!

Links in this post may be affiliate links, which means that I earn a small commission from sales.

ELF Makeup Brushes

In full disclosure, I have never tried an expensive brand of brushes.  I heard good things about ELF makeup brushes, and the price is definitely right, so I got them.  They definitely meet my needs, so I don't have a reason to buy the expensive ones.  I might splurge on an expensive foundation brush because that is so important, but for my eye brushes, I will stick with ELF.  I clean them regularly, and they've held up to a few years worth of use and washing.  They are inexpensive, so I won't feel too bad about replacing them after a year or two anyway.

ELF Eyeshadow Palette

For my every day makeup, I use ELF eyeshadow palates.  I don't think they last as long as more expensive makeup, but I do like them the best of any drugstore brand of eyeshadow.  If I were wearing my makeup for a full day at work or needed it to last for 8 or more hours, then this wouldn't be my go-to shadow.  But for me running to the store or volunteering at school, it is perfect.  Using an eyeshadow primer definitely helps it stay longer though.

Maybelline Eyeliner

This is my all time favorite eyeliner.  Tears will be shed if this ever gets cut from their line!  The Maybelline Unstoppable line is a pencil liner, but it glides on so smooth like a liquid.  It's also self sharpening, so I don't have to mess with a sharpener that I always lose.  My favorite colors are Pewter and Espresso.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

I'm pretty sure Maybelline Great Lash Mascara has been around forever, and there's a reason for that.  It is awesome for every day use.  This won't give you the big, full, extra long lashes that everyone wants for hot dates, but it will give you definition to go to the store or work at an office job.

Oil of Olay Moisturizer

I love the price of Oil of Olay Moisturizer, and I love how it works.  It has an SPF 15, so it helps protect my face from sun damage every day.  It gives my oily skin just enough moisture without making my skin oily.  They also have a sensitive formula.  I do use a more expensive anti-aging cream under it as I go further in to my 30s.

Sally Hansen Nighttime Heel Repair Ointment

Dry, cracked heels?  Just  few nights of this Sally Hansen Heel Repair Ointment will get your feet soft in no time.  It does have petroleum in it, which I usually try to avoid, but this stuff works.  I also use it on my cuticles when they crack and bleed in the winter.

Aussie Sprunch Hair Mousse

I have curly hair that can get dry, so I love Aussie Sprunch Hair Mousse.  It has just enough conditioner in it to moisturize my hair.  It gives me a soft all day hold without being stiff.

Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Whitening Booster

I actually got this from Arm & Hammer to review for my blog, and I really like it.  It's so much easier to use than strips or trays because you use it with your toothpaste.  I love that it doesn't take extra time.  I didn't see dramatic results like I would with a professional treatment, but I did see some results. For the price and convenience, it is totally worth it.

Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Shampoo

My curly hair just loves this shampoo and conditioner!  It really makes my hair soft and shinier.  The shampoo is pretty thin, so I do use more than I would with an expensive brand.  But I like it so much and the price is right, so I can definitely deal with that.

And there are my must have drugstore beauty favorites!  I do often make my own products, but when I am out of time, these are my trusty standbys.  I've used all of these and gotten great results.

What are you favorite drugstore products?

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