Fall Beauty Tips You Need to Know
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Do you change your makeup or beauty routine for the changing seasons?  I do.  I change my makeup and nail colors for summer and switch to more neutral colors for the winter.

My makeup also changes.  I have to wear only mineral makeup in the summer because it's just too hot for liquid foundations.  In the fall and winter, I can switch to a different foundation.  I also go with a lighter foundation as my tan fades.

Here are some fall beauty tips that you need to know to look your best.
Fall Beauty Tips

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Warm Hair

Red is a great hair color for fall.  It sounds bold, but it warms up all skin tones.  If you're not sure, try a semi-permanent color that washes out in a few shampoos.  If you have fair skin, try copper.  Olive skin tones look best in auburn.  Mahogany looks best on darker skin tones.

Violet Eyes

Purple is in this year, and violet is a great shade for your eyes.  It is flattering on every skin tone, so don't be afraid to try this hot hue.  I like to accent my neutral shades with a violet or use three shades of violet to highlight my eyes.


In the fall, heavy eyeliner is in.  Black can look harsh, but try a charcoal gray instead.


I admit that I'm not great about keeping my brows looking their best. I'm so glad that fuller brows are in for fall 2014!  We aren't talking about stray hair everywhere, but don't worry about keeping them pencil thin.  If your brows are thin, fill in with eyeshadow or a brow pencil.

Dark Lips

Dark lip colors are definitely in this fall.  Find a shade that matches your skin tone and go a few shades darker than you normally would.  Darker colors can bright out flaws, so be sure to keep your lips moisturized and scrub them to keep them soft.

Matte Makeup

In the summer, we shine no matter what, so we might as well look like it is on purpose with shimmery makeup.  Matte looks are in for fall.  Look for matte shadows and use powder to keep your makeup set and shine free.

Sugar Scrubs

As the air gets drier and colder, use a sugar scrub to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.  Try this easy whipped pumpkin sugar scrub recipe.

Cream Cleanser

In the summer, a bar soap is fine for your skin.  But in the fall, you'll want to switch to a cream cleanser to moisturize your skin.

Facial Care

You skin may get drier in the fall and winter, so your usual products won't work.  I go from oily in the summer to normal or combination skin in the fall and winter.  If your face is getting too dry, you may need to buy new products.


Just because you aren't spending hours in the sun doesn't mean that you don't need a sunscreen in the fall.  Your face is still exposed to the sun while driving and walking outside.  Look for an SPF 15.  My favorite is Olay Complete.

Foot Care

This winter, your feel will start to dry out.  Start taking care of your heels now before they get really bad.  Follow these directions to keep your feet soft all year.

Nail Care

Just like your feet, your nails will get seriously dry.  My cuticles actually split and bleed.  Use a cuticle cream daily or several times a day to keep your cuticles nourished.

Nail Color

Nude colors are in for fall.  Even with light colors, you'll still  need a base coat and top coat.  If you want some darker colors, try burgundy, plum, or dark brown.

Tame Flyaways

As the air gets drier, hair tends to fly away.  Keep your hair tamed by moisturizing it with a leave in conditioner with keratin like this one.

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