Madison Street Beauty Mineral Makeup Review
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Madison Street Beauty is one of the biggest mineral makeup sellers on Etsy, so I've been wanting to try them for a long time.  They had a sale last month, so I decided to place an order.  Note that this is not a paid review, and I was not compensated or given free products.  I did request to use photos from the company, however, and I was given permission.  

I ordered three things: mineral foundation, eyeshadow primer, and my first ever mineral blush.

Choosing Colors

I normally don't like ordering makeup over the Internet because I like to see the exact color, but Madison Street Beauty makes it easy.  Each foundation listing has two charts to help you choose the right color.  They offer two formulas: matte and  original.

The first chart shows every shade that they offer, so you can get an idea of which ones are closest to your skin tone.
Image via Madison Street Beauty
The second chart has them separated by cool and warm skin tones and in order from lightest to darkest.
Image via Madison Street Beauty

These charts helped me a lot, but I still ordered the smaller size just in case.  If you need any help, just convo the owners.

When I got my sample, I was really scared that it was too dark.  It was quite a bit darker than the kind I used to use (also handmade from Etsy, but from a different seller who has closed).  I didn't want to mess with a return, so I figured that I would try it and buy a lighter shade to mix them myself.

When I tried it, to my surprise it was perfect!  I think it may have more pigmentation because I can use less and get better coverage than my old kind.

Packaging and Delivery

My order was sent quickly, within 2 days.  It arrived safe and sound in a bubble mailer.

I really liked the professional quality of the packaging.  Each container was sealed on the inside to prevent leakage.  They were also shrink wrapped. so I knew that they were brand new.  I really like the look of the clear stickers on the top and bottom.
The label caught the reflection from my flash.  It is clear IRL.
Eyeshadow Primer

I like this with both mineral eyeshadow and traditional shadows. It really does help stop creases so my makeup looks better longer.


I don't wear blush every day, so I've only used this a few times. I do really like it, and it is heavily pigmented.  This is always a good thing with makeup, but just remember to use a light hand when applying it with a makeup brush.

I'll be a repeat customer.  The packaging is pretty, but my favorite part is that their products are highly pigmented.  I use less product each time I use it, so they will end up lasting longer than other brands.

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