10 Health and Beauty Essentials for Dorm Life
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This post is sponsored by Kleenex and Walmart, but my love for their dorm style is all my own!

Most college students find themselves living alone for the first time in a dorm room.  While the dorm room offers some security to ease the transition to adulthood, it's still difficult to keep you with studying, have fun, and take care of yourself.  Here are my top 10 recommendations from Walmart to help you look your best and stay healthy while staying at school.

10 Health and Beauty Essentials for Dorm Living

Lighted Mirror

The lighting in your dorm room bathroom will be awful no matter where you go to school.  For a flawless look, get your own mirror.


These are perfect for taking off your makeup or when you have the sniffles.  Walmart has a limited edition of chevron print Kleenex Expressions facial tissues that are as pretty as they are functional.  Find them with the back to school supplies.

Nail Kit

You'll need this weekly, but it's one of most forgotten items.  At least it was for the ladies in my dorm who were going door to door looking for clippers at midnight.


Stay hydrated by bringing your own water with you to class.

First Aid Kit

You don't want to find out that you forgot this when you need it most!


Carry this with you any time you are outside at night.  Wear it around your neck or clipped to your keys and hold your keys in your hand.  Keep your cell phone close too.

Exercise Video

Yoga will help you relax and get some exercise.

Allergy Pillow

You don't want to risk not getting a good night's sleep before an early class.  An allergy pillow can help you sleep better if you suffer from allergies.

Disinfecting Spray

Germs, germs, germs.  Kill them with a disinfecting spray to keep your room clean and germ-free.


This will help clean up messes and keep the germs and dirt away, and it's small enough to fit in a dorm closet.
Even your health and beauty essentials can look pretty in your room!

Are you headed back to school?  What's on the top of your must have list from Walmart?

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