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13 July 2014

Easy Light Facial Moisturizer Recipe DIY Natural

Face moisturizers are hard to make yourself. There's simple ones that have coconut oil as a base, which can be too heavy for most people.  Then there are ones with 100 different ingredients, most of which you need just 2 drops of for the recipe.  And there are more that need to be stored in the fridge.  That's a deal breaker for me because I don't want cold moisturizer, and that just isn't convenient for me.  If you want an easy recipe with easy to find ingredients that can be stored on the counter, try this easy light facial moisturizer recipe.

This is made for the face, but you can use it anywhere on your body.  It would be great for dry hands since it soaks in quickly without feeling greasy.  The glycerin is a humectant, so it draws moisture from the air to your skin.  This keeps your skin hydrated for hours without using oils.

This recipe is great for combination or oily skin, and it also works on sunburned skin.  It only takes a few minutes to make, and you can store it up to 6 months.

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DIY Light Facial Moisturizer Recipe

What You Need

  1. Combine water, glycerin, and your choice of essential oils in a jar.  Shake well.
  2. Apply to your face and neck with a cotton pad or lightly spritz from a spray bottle.
  3. Let soak in to the skin before applying makeup.
How easy is that?  Easy!

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