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10 July 2014

Are you ready to lose weight? Avoid these common traps according to health news sites

Whether you are a few pounds overweight or need to lose several pounds, there's no doubt that weight loss will help you look and feel better.  Before you start on a weight loss journey, make sure you are physically and mentally ready.  You'll be most successful when both your body and your mind are ready to drop the pounds and get down to a healthy weight.

My regular readers and social media followers know that I am on another weight loss journey.  Three years ago, I lost 80 pounds, and I did it almost effortless after years of yo-yo dieting.  My weight loss was almost effortless because I was ready.  I had the right mindset to exercise and eat right, and the weight came off.  I worked hard every day, but it didn't seem like work because I was ready for the challenge.  

So why am I starting over again?  I lost that motivation.  I started going back to my old habits, and I couldn't maintain my weight.  Thankfully, I didn't gain it all back.  I know it will be a long journey, but I'm ready, both physically and mentally.  

Before you start on your weight loss journey, make sure you can avoid these common weight loss traps, according to health news sites.

All Or Nothing

Dieting doesn't have to be an all or nothing approach.  For me, it's about making healthier choices.  If I sit watching my kids enjoy their ice cream, soon I'm going to give in to temptation and eat ice cream quite often.  According to health news site C-Health, it's best to enjoy your favorite foods in moderation. This way your hard work won't be for naught, and you won't get frustrated.


We all have distractions and stress in our daily lives.  Stress at work, financial concerns, or an illness can all negatively impact your diet.  For me to get in the right mindset, I had to eliminate all extra stress for a few months.  That meant waiting until my volunteer obligations were over and saying no to additional obligations.  Once I did that, I could focus on living healthy and I had time to exercise several times a week

Having clear goals helped me see my progress and kept me motivated to meet my goal.  Talk to your doctor, who knows the current health news, about your ideal body weight because it can vary based on your height, age, and other factors.  You can also use a BMI calculator to get an idea of your ideal weight.  Eighty pounds seemed implausible, so I broke it down in to 10-pound increments.  Instead of a goal of 80 pounds, I had eight goals of 10 pounds, which was a lot more manageable in my mind.  


Do you have a plan?  What foods are you going to eat?  What will you eat at your favorite restaurant?  What exercises are you going to do? Do you need a gym membership?  These are all important questions to ask yourself before you start to diet.


I used to silently start a diet and not tell anyone.  That backfired for two reasons: No one knew that i was dieting, so they would continue to invite me out to dinner or offer me unhealthy foods and I wasn't accountable.  If my friends didn't know that I was dieting, they couldn't ask how I am doing.  When I was ready, I told my close friends and family.  I wanted them to ask how it was going and hold me responsible for my actions.

One day, I had had enough.  I wanted to be a healthy weight, so I did some research and talked to my doctor.  I made goals and created a clear plan.  When I was ready, I asked for support.  Then, and only then, did everything fall in to place and the weight came off.

Do any of these weight loss traps sound familiar to you?  

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Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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