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01 July 2014

20 Makeup Tips and Tricks That No One Told You

Whether you're using makeup for the first time or have been wearing it for years, there's a lot to learn.  Here are several makeup tricks that no one told you.

From repurposing products to using common household items, these tricks will help you look your best.

These tricks will help you save money -- you won't have to buy extra products -- and save time.  If you're trying to get your morning routine done in less time, read on!

Makeup Tricks That No One Told You

1.  Hate getting mascara on your skin no matter how careful you are?  Hold a plastic spoon under your lower lashes while you apply your mascara.

2.  Use tape to create a straight line in your eye makeup.  This is very helpful if you're extending your makeup past your eyes for a cat eye look.  The tape will only be on for a few seconds, so it shouldn't hurt when you peel it off.

3.  Highlight your eyes with white, pearl, or cream shadow.  Apply it just under your eyebrow in the outer half, just under the arch.  Also apply just a little bit in the corner of your eye near your nose.  Apply the lighter color before darker colors so it blends well.

4.  Line your waterline with a white eyeliner pencil.  This helps your eyes look wider.

5.  Apply eyeliner between your lashes, a technique called tightlining.  This defines your eyes yet looks more natural than wearing dark liner above your lashes.

6.  Extend the life of your clumpy mascara by adding a drop or two of Visine.  Never, ever add water.  This can introduce bacteria.  Trust me, an eye infection is much worse than buying Visine or a new mascara!

7.  Make your eyeshadow look more vibrant by using a white eyeshadow all over as a base for brighter colors.

8.  Heated eyelash curlers are expensive.  Heat yours with a hair dryer for 3 to 5 seconds.  Be careful that you don't get it too hot!

9.  Keep your eyeliner in place under your eyes by sweeping powder foundation under it.  This creates a barrier, so the liner is less likely to migrate south.

10.  Use a toothbrush to exfoliate your lips.  This helps lipstick stay better, and it keeps your lips from getting dry and chapped in the winter.

11.  Make lips appear fuller by lining them just outside the lip line.  By just outside, I mean barely outside.  Otherwise, you'll look like Mimi from Drew Carey.

12.  Apply foundation in downward strokes.  You want to wash and apply moisturizer in an upward motion to go against gravity, but foundation is a little different.  If you apply it upwards, it makes the teeny little hairs on our faces stand up and become more noticeable.

13.  For a very natural look, use eyeshadow to line your eyes.  You can use it dry with a small brush or wet your brush slightly for a different look.

14.  Make your lipstick last longer by blotting with a tissue.  With the tissue covering your lips, use a light powder to set your lipstick.

15.  Creamy lipstick also makes a great blush.  Use your fingers to blend it.

16.  Make your lips appear fuller by using a slightly lighter color on the fuller parts to create contrast.

17.  Use concealer on your eyelids to act as a primer.  This helps shadow stay longer and prevents creases.

18.  Line the outer 2/3 of your eyes to make eyes appear fuller.

19.  For long lasting lip color, cover your lips with lip liner.  Use a clear gloss for extra moisture.

20.  Use eyeshadow to fill in sparse brows.  You won't have to buy another product, and it looks more natural.

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