19 Easy Nail Art Tutorials - Salon Nails At Home!
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Do you look at manicures on Pinterest and beauty blogs and think that you could never do that?  Me too.

I'm so excited to share with you this roundup of easy to do nails!  You don't need any special tools.  Any tools you do need, you already have at home!  I love that they use common things in a different way, so I don't need to buy anything extra.

Glitter Nails - These cute nails are easy to do with plain polish and glitter in the same shade.  I like the extra dot of glitter on the solid nails.

Black Matte Nails - This is simple yet elegant.  She shows you an easy trick to get perfect french tips.

Easy Polka Dots - She does use a dotting tool, but you could use a bobby pin.

Spoon Technique - This uses the back of a spoon!

Dotticure Video - She has a great video to teach you how to do dots with a bobby pin.

Pink Dots - Yes, another dot technique, but she puts them in a really cool pattern that totally changes the look.

Melting Nails - These would be awesome for Halloween!  With the right colors, you could do this any time of the year though.
Simple Striped Nails - This is a super easy way to get perfect stripes.

Dots and Stripes - I love how this uses two easy techniques for a very cute mani!

Leopard Print Nails - Yes, even leopard print can be easy!

Ombre Nails - Ladies, it doesn't get much easier than this for awesome nails!  She has some other fun tutorials here, so go check it out.

OPI Sheer Tints - These give a hint of color, but they can really change the look of your current polishes.

Dotted French Tip - How cute is this?  There are lots more ideas here too.

Gradient Nails - I love this look, and it looks easy too!

Faux Feather Nails - This uses three colors to make faux feathers.

Dots and Glitter - This is a very fun look!  I can't wait to try this one!

Easy Flowers - Easy to draw flowers for your mani.  Do one nail or all of them.

Two Toned Glitter Nails - Easy and fun!

Newspaper Nails - No one will believe you did them yourself!
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