Peaches and Cream Glow Facial Mask for Dry, Sensitive Skin
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I think there are few things that smell better than peaches.  We have a large orchard with several kinds of peach trees.  I can them in slices and pie filling, but I do save a few for this peaches and cream glow facial mask.  This smells amazing, so it is one of my favorite DIY beauty mask recipes.  You might be tempted to taste a spoonful - or two or ten - before you use it.  Go ahead.  It's perfectly safe!

This is a nourishing facial mask, and it's great dry, normal, or sensitive skin.  This makes one treatment.  Do not store leftovers.  Eat them instead!

This is one of the easiest face masks to make.  It takes just a few minutes to make it, and the ingredients are easy to find in any grocery store.  You'll want to use a very ripe peach so it's easier to mash.

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Peach and Cream Glow Facial Mask

What You Need

  • 1/2 of a very ripe small peach
  • 1 tablespoon heavy cream
  • mortar and pestle 
  • glass bowl
  1. Use a mortar and pestle to mash the peach.  You can also use a fork and glass bowl, but I find that the mortar and pestle works better.
  2. Add the cream and mix well.
  3. Use your fingers to spread on your face and neck.
  4. Lie down and let sit for 30 minutes before rinsing.
The peaches and cream glow facial mask is runny, so put a towel on your pillow before you lie down.  

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Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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