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13 May 2014

How to Get More Pinterest Followers

To my loyal readers, please bear with me as I write some blogging related posts.  I'm going to do one about once a week, but I will post great DIY beauty recipes and beauty tips in between the posts.

Pinterest is my biggest traffic referral after Google.  Unlike Twitter and Facebook, users can easily find your content even if they aren't following you.  Of course, having more followers helps get more views and new readers.  Learn how to get more Pinterest followers for even more traffic.

I started Pinterest as a casual user, then I used it for my Etsy shop and that blog.  I don't update that blog much, and it didn't bring much traffic to Etsy.  When I started this blog last year, I kept my old account and made new boards.  Now that my blog looks how i want it and I have quite a few posts, it's time to boost my Pinterest.   I've noticed that traffic increases exponentially with a high number of followers, so my goal is to hit 10,000 followers.  Here's how to get more Pinterest followers.

1.  Be active.

I know, I know.  This is obvious.  But it's the most important rule for any social network site.  You have to post every day, multiple times a day.  You can't post just once a day.  Ideally, you should be pinning something every few hours during the day.  Do this for a few weeks and keep track of which pins get the most attention.  I've had pins that have just a few repins, but they bring me 100s of views a day for weeks.  You'll quickly learn what times and days are best.  For me, evenings and weekends are best.

2.  Don't repin.

Hey!  Isn't the point of Pinterest to repin other people's pins?  Well, yes.  If you are a casual user.  If you are a blogger, then this won't help you much.  You want to be the first pin.  If you are trying to increase Pinterest followers, follow the pin to its source and create a new pin.  This is for two reasons: 1. You'll gain followers from the repins.  2.  You know the link is valid.  You don't want to repin dead links if you can help it.  When I started doing this, my Pinterest followers really started increasing!

3.  Content is king.

Just like with your blog, quality over quantity.  Pin things that your readers and followers will enjoy and not necessarily what you like.  The easiest way for me to do this is to click on a pin of one of my blog posts.  Then I scroll down and see what boards it is pinned on and similar pins.  I then look for pins with great photos that I think my readers would like and pin those.  Again, I follow rule #2 and click to the page and then repin.

Yes, you may pin your own blog posts.  But you shouldn't pin only your blog posts.  Aim to pin 10-20 other posts in between blog posts.  For me, that's no problem because I'm a Pinterest addict.

4.  Group boards.

Group boards are awesome.  The more pins a board has, the more traffic it will get.  You can't possibly pin all day every day, so add more people.  With many pinners, the board will grow, and you'll all benefit.  These boards work best if they have a small niche.  I have one for DIY beauty recipes.  If you'd like to be added, just email me.

5.  Rearrange boards.

Pinterest lets you rearrange your boards, so add the ones related to your blog to the top line.  My top line is all boards related to my blogs and crafting for my Etsy shop.  I put group boards on the bottom, except my DIY beauty recipes group board because I want to promote it.

Many people get sick of scrolling, so they give up after a few rows.  Not everyone hits Follow All either.

6.  Keep your boards fresh.

I change the cover photo for my boards once a  month.  This keeps them looking fresh to viewers.  If the board didn't grab someone's attention this month, maybe it will next month when they see another pin.

7.  Follow other people.

I'm not suggesting that you hit Follow for every pinner that you see because that ruins the experience.  But if you see some pinners that have similar interest, follow them.  They might return the follow.  And if not?  You'll find some cool stuff anyway.  Aim to follow 10 a day to increase Pinterest followers.

8.  Comment.

Facebook and G+ were made for comments, but it seems like most people don't comment at Pinterest.  Get yourself noticed by commenting on popular pins.  People may see your profile and decide to follow you after they see it.  All comments should be relevant and not just Great post! or Thanks!  Try to say something that relates to the pin.

9.  Use other social networks.

Blog readers have so many options to follow their favorite blogs.  Since Facebook hides so many posts, don't be afraid to post your Pinterest link on there a few times of the course of several weeks to get Facebook fans to like you on Pinterest.  You can also tweet your pins to gain followers.

Pinterest can auto post to Facebook and Twitter, but I don't do this.  I pin way too much, and it would be spammy for my friends and followers.  JMHO.

10.  Contests.

I don't hold a lot of giveaways, but when I do Pinterest is always an entry.  It helps boost my followers by a lot in a short period of time.

Some bloggers even hold contests right on Pinterest.  I've never done this, but I would image that it would work very well.

I hope these tips on how to get more Pinterest followers are helpful for you!

Are you interested in any other blogging or social networking tips?  Comment below, and I will add it to my list of blogger topics to cover.

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Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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