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01 May 2014

DIY pH Balancing Astringent - For Hair Too!

I love it when one product can do two things.  This DIY pH Balancing Astringent works on your skin and hair.  Bonus!  I like to keep it in the shower and use it on my hair after washing and conditioning and on my face just after I wash it.  Just be careful not to get it in your eyes!  This really does help keep your hair and skin soft.  My naturally curly hair isn't nearly as frizzy when I use this.

Soaps can change the pH of your skin and hair, making it more alkaline.  When your skin is alkaline, it's more likely to be dry and itchy.

The vinegar also works to dissolve product buildup on your hair.  When hair spray, gel, or mousse get left behind, your hair will get limp and lifeless.  This helps get back your beautiful soft hair so you look great.

Don't worry, you will only smell like vinegar for a few minutes.  It fades quickly.  

DIY pH Balancing Astringent

What You Need

I almost always recommend a glass bottle for my recipes, but I do not like having glass in the shower.  If you plan to use this just for the face, you could use a glass jar.

Just combine all of the ingredients in a jar or bottle and shake well.  You don't need to refrigerate this recipe, but do use it within a year of making it.

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Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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