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22 April 2014

Summer Makeup Tips

Summer is almost here! After what seems like the longest winter ever, I am ready for the warmer temperatures.

The increased humidity and heat in the summer can melt your makeup, so use some summer makeup tips to help keep your makeup looking great all day. I change a few products for the summer, so now that it's spring, it's a good time to get prepared and buy what you need. I also like to keep my summer makeup in its own bag so I can throw it in my purse for easy touchups during the day. There's nothing worse than being at a summer party and discover that your makeup has melted or moved out of place.

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If you don't use a makeup primer under your foundation in the winter, you might want to add one for the summer.  It helps give you a smooth surface for your makeup, and it can help your makeup last longer.  You can easily make your own DIY eyeshadow primer with these easy recipes.  

For my face, I use this E.L.F mineral based primer.  It goes on smooth, and it really helps keep my makeup looking great all day.  


Heat and humidity can melt your liquid concealer.  If you need to use something to cover blemishes, look for a thick, creamy formula.  I use a stiff brush to apply it and then blend it with my fingers.  


Heavy foundations just don't last during the summer.  After an hour in the sun, it will melt and slide off your face.  I use a mineral powder foundation in the summer because it gives me great coverage and lasts almost all day long. If you like liquid formulas, look for one that is silicon based.  The silicon forms a barrier between the humidity in the air and your skin.  


Although you want to switch from a cream foundation to a powder, you'll do the opposite for your eye makeup.  Powder makeup can cake and get clumpy.  Look for a cream eyeshadow formula and line your eyes with a liquid liner.  Waterproof mascara will hold up to the humidity better than other formulas.  


Consider switching from lipstick to lip gloss. You'll get a hint of color and a nice sheen without looking overdone. Lip gloss also keeps your lips moisturized so you don't get chapped lips.

Do you use these summer makeup tips?

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