Kool Aid Hair Dye Tutorial
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Bright colored streaks are so popular right now, but have you looked at how much salons charge?  Yikes!  Around here, expect to pay $50 to $100 or more for a few streaks.  Kool Aid hair dye is a non-toxic alternative, and you can do it at home for less than $1!

Unfortunately, I can't try this on myself because I have very dark hair.  My daughter has light-brown-almost-blonde hair, so I will practice on her this summer.

This works best on light hair, but it will show up on light or medium brown hair.  If you have darker hair, you will need to bleach the hair before you dye it.  I don't have any experience in bleaching hair at home, so I can't recommend a tutorial.

How long Kool Aid hair dye lasts depends on your hair.  The lighter your hair, the longer it should last.  It just depends on how much your hair soaks up while you are dyeing it.  Don't try this if you need it washed out in a few weeks for a special event.

How to Dye Your Hair With Kool Aid

What You Need

  • 3-5 Packets of Kool Aid*
  • Conditioner
  • Glass bowl
  • Aluminum foil
  • Highlighting brush
  • Disposable gloves
  • Petroleum jelly**
  • Old towel
*Choose the colors you want.  You'll need 3 packets for thin streaks or dipping the ends.  Use 5 if your hair is really long or thick and you want the streak to run from root to end.  

**There's some controversy about putting petroleum jelly on your skin.  I really don't know what else would protect your skin from the dye.  You can skip it if you think you can be very careful with the dye.  


  1. Spread petroleum jelly around your hair line to protect your skin.  Obviously, the Kool Aid won't damage your skin, but it will stain it.
  2. Wear disposable gloves before mixing the dye mixture.  
  3. In a glass bowl, mix conditioner and Kool Aid.  You'll need enough conditioner to coat the hair completely.  Use more for long or thick hair.  Heat conditioner for 10-15 seconds in the microwave if the color doesn't dissolve.  
  4. Mix each color separately.  
  5. Use the foil and highlighting wand to place streak in your hair.  Wrap the hair in foil before placing the next streak.
  6. If you are dyeing the ends, use clips to keep the rest of your hair away from the hair that you are dyeing.  
  7. Let the Kool Aid sit on your hair until you reach the desired shade.  Check it at 20 minutes.  Most people will need 30 minutes or more.
  8. Rinse your hair with warm water.  If you did streak with foil, be careful to rinse it without getting it on the rest of your hair.
  9. Do not wash your hair until the next day.  
Remember:  Kool Aid stains everything!  If you dip dye your hair. place the glass  bowl of the Kool Aid hair dye mixture on a towel to protect the counter.  Wear and old shirt while you are dyeing your hair.  

You can also mix the Kool Aid with warm water, but the conditioner really helps contain the mess.  

Have fun!

photo credit: mommyknows { Kim Becker } via photopin cc
Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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