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16 April 2014

Body Odor Remedies

Summer is coming, and that means being more active, which means sweating.

I have no problem getting dirty and sweating while I'm working outside.  What I do have a problem with is getting sweaty and stinky when I have some place to be!  Even if I'm going to the grocery store, I still want to look and feel my best.   These body odor remedies have helped me, and I hope they help you too.

Perfume sprays just mask the odor, and eventually the will wear off.  To get rid of body odor, you need to address the underlying issues.

What Causes Body Odor?

Our bodies sweat to get rid of excess waste and to cool down our bodies.  Sweating is normal and natural.  If you feel that you have excessive sweating, talk to your doctor.  There may be a medical reason that your body sweats too much.

Bacteria love warm, moist areas, so they love your underarms.  Soon, the bacterial will excrete waste, and this is what causes the smell.

Some women might also find that their sweat is stronger smelling while menstruating.  Yeast on the body can cause a beer-like smell because yeast in the body can turn sugar in to an alcohol.

Your diet can also lead to body odor.  Eating a lot of pork and beef can cause a fishy smell.  

Body Odor Remedies

Bathe Regularly

Bathing regularly will get rid of the bacteria that causes odors.  Shower daily, especially if you are sweaty.  If you sweat a lot exercising or working, consider using an antibacterial soap to kill the bacteria.  


Use a deodorant daily, but avoid antiperspirants.  Antiperspirants clog your pores, so sweat can't escape.  Your body needs to get rid of toxins, so you don't want to block the pores.  Instead, use a natural deodorant like this one from Arm & Hammer.  

You can also make your own natural deodorant with this easy recipe.  Here's a recipe for a spray deodorant.  

Cotton Clothes

Natural fibers like cotton let your skin breathe more and lets more air circulate.  Switching to a cotton or silk fabric in the summer can help reduce body odor.  Wearing loose clothing also helps.  


Vinegar is naturally antibacterial and antifungal.  Spritz a little bit under your arms when you need a little freshening up.  Let it sit for a few minutes and wipe dry.  This is a great way to freshen up when you don't have time for a shower.  Don't worry--the vinegar smell goes away quickly!


Eating garlic, onions, and peppers can make your sweat smell worse.  If it does for you, try not to eat these foods.

You don't have to try all of these body odor remedies to find relief.  Just try a few until you find the ones that work best for you.

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Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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