How to Wear Red Lipstick
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Few beauty trends are as timeless as red lipstick. You'll look feminine and confident, and red looks great both day and night. Are you afraid to wear a bold lip color like red? Don't be! With these tips, you'll know how to pick the best shade of red and how to wear it.

Choosing a Shade

The most important thing about wearing a shade of red is choosing the right color. Look for plum shades if your skin has pink undertones. Warmer brownish shades look best on skin with yellow undertones.

Can't find the perfect shade? Buy two lipsticks and mix them yourself. It's easy to do with a small container and a toothpick.

Smooth Lips

Dark colors draw the eye to the area, which makes any imperfections stand out.  If you have chapped lips, skip the red until your lips heal.  Even if your lips are healthy, moisturize your lips several minutes before you do your makeup to give your lips enough time to soak in the moisture.  

Lip Liner

Darker lipstick shades bleed more because they have more pigment. If you don't usually use a lip liner, use one when you wear red lipstick. For the best look, use a liner that is the same shade as your lipstick. Line just outside your natural lip line for fuller lips.  

Applying Red Lipstick

You have to be careful to get even coverage when you apply dark colors, so use a lipstick brush for easy application. Be sure to get the color in the corner of your lips and close to your lip line. Dab excess lipstick with a tissue so it doesn't smudge.


If you wear red on your lips, your nails should be the same shade.  If you don't want to paint your nails red, go natural.  Wearing two shades of red on your nails and lips clashes, so don't do it.  

The Look

Your lips will make a bold statement with red lipstick, so go light on the rest of your makeup.  For your eyes, go natural with tans or other neutral colors.  Use mascara only on your upper lashes or skip it completely.

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