How to Get Rid of Warts Naturally
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Almost everyone gets a wart at some point in their lives.  They are unsightly, but they are usually harmless.  Most warts can be treated at home with medications, or you can learn how to get rid of warts naturally.  Natural remedies are usually as effective as medications for small warts.  If your wart  is in a location where it is painful or if you are unsure what the bump is, talk to your doctor before treating it.

What are Warts?

According to WebMD, warts are growths on the skin caused by a virus.  Human papillomavirus causes over 100 different types of warts in people.  The virus can enter the body through broken skin, and it causes the skin to grow quicker than usual.  Without treatment, most warts disappear on in several months, and some can linger for a few years.

Types of Warts

There are five types of warts that can affect adults and children:

  • Common warts are grayish brown and rough.  They are usually dome-shaped.  These are commonly found on the hands, but they can grow anywhere. 
  • Plantar warts are found on the bottom of your feet.  They look like a callus because they cause thick skin, but there is a dark spot in the blemish.  These can be very painful when you walk.
  • Filiform warts are found near the nose and mouth.  They are the same color as your skin, but they have growths sicking out of them.
  • Flat warts are small, flat, and can be light yellow, brown, or pink.  
  • Periungal warts are found around your fingernails and toenails.  
How to Get Rid of Warts Naturally

Most doctors recommend a topical medication to treat warts unless the wart is painful or the doctor is concerned about its growth.  You can also try these natural remedies for warts to reduce its size and heal your skin.

  • Apply tea tree oil, clove oil, or lavender oil directly to the wart.
  • A few drops of castor oil on the wart several times a day can stop the virus from spreading.
  • Make a paste with castor oil and baking powder.  Apply several times a day and cover with a bandage.
  • Mix 1 tablespoon Epsom salt and 4 tablespoons apple cider vinegar.  Dab a few drops on your wart several times a day.
  • Cut a lemon in to slices and cover with apple cider vinegar.  Let sit for two weeks.  Brush the mixture on warts.  
  • Cover with duct tape.  Regular silver duct tape is said to reduce warts.
  • Dissolve an aspirin in water.  Apply to the wart several times a day.
Now that you know how to get rid of warts naturally, you can choose the best for you based on the ingredients that you have on hand.  Most people find that one or more of these natural remedies for warts will work, but they can take a few weeks to work.  If you don't find relief, talk to your doctor about medications or wart removal.  

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