Mineral Veil Face Powder Recipe DIY
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Mineral veil is one of my favorite products, especially in the summer.  It's an expensive product, but you can make your own mineral veil face powder for just pennies per container.  If you do much cooking, then you probably already own everything that you need!

Veil is a light powder that goes on before or after your makeup to set your look.  It also absorbs oil and sweat, so it helps your makeup last without smearing during the summer.  It helps your makeup stay put all day with minimal touchups, and it's a great product to have in your makeup bag.

Do you already use veil?  Grab your bottle and look at the ingredients.  Chances are there are only a few listed.  The first one is probably zea mays starch.  There may also be some fillers and some oxides, which are colorants.

Zea mays starch is....corn starch!  Yep, the same stuff you use to thicken soups.  You can find it in the flour aisle of your grocery store for under $2 for a large box.

To make your own mineral veil face powder, just combine 1.5 tablespoons cornstarch with 1/8 teaspoon powder foundation.  I've also used arrowroot powder, and I like it a little better because the particles are smaller.  Both work very well, but corn starch is a little easier to find.

I do not add any powder foundation, but I use veil under my powder.  I think it helps absorb more oil.  If you want to use it as a setting powder, then you should add a little bit of pigment.

Don't use mineral makeup?  You can use this under other types of makeup.  Use it alone if you used powder foundation in your recipe or if you are light complected.

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