Homemade Deodorant Recipe DIY
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Everybody sweats.  And everybody has body odor at some time in their lives.  Eating healthy and drinking water can help, but most of us need a deodorant to cover up embarrassing smells.

Body odor can be a sign of an illness, so check with your doctor if you are concerned.  Your sweat doesn't actually smell, but bacteria on your body combined with sweat can have an odor.  For an effective homemade deodorant recipe, you'll need to stay dry and you might need to kill bacteria as well.

DIY deodorant recipes use arrowroot powder, corn starch, or baking soda to absorb perspiration.  Baking soda will also absorb odors, but it can irritate the skin.

Tea tree oil is a great natural antibacterial essential oil, but it does have a medicinal smell.  You can cover it with other essential oils.

DIY Homemade Deodorant Recipes

Which one is best for you?  That depends on your body chemistry, how much you sweat, and your personal preference.  If you don't experience body odor unless you exercise, then you may not need tea tree oil.  But if you notice that your pits stink while working or doing everyday activities, then maybe you need the tea tree oil.

Ready to make your own deodorant?

Natural Deodorant from Wellness Mama - This uses coconut oil as a base, and coconut oil has mild antibacterial properties.  It has baking soda and arrowroot powder to absorb moisture.

Homemade Summer Deodorant from Becoming Peculiar -  This uses beeswax for a firmer formula, which is almost essential for the summer heat.  It also uses tea tree oil to kill bacteria.

Easy DIY Deodorant from Busy at Home - This has a few more ingredients, but it is very different from other recipes.  It uses probiotics to boost the good bacteria to fight the bad (smelly) bacteria.  She gives a lot of great information about how it works.

Homemade Deodorant from Scratch Mommy - Again, this one is very different.  It uses DE to absorb moisture and toxins.  It does not use baking soda.

DIY Natural Homemade Deodorant from Soap Deli - This is an easy recipe for a solid deodorant.  It uses tea tree oil and lavender essential oil to kill bacteria, yet it smells great.

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