6 Tips for Naturally Curly Hair
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Naturally curly hair can quickly get frizzy and unruly if you don't know how to take care of it.  Curly locks tend to be dry, so you will need to moisturize your hair and take care of it to keep your curls looking great.


Many shampoos contain sulfate, which can dry out your hair.  Try a sulfate-free shampoo like It's a 10 Miracle Shampoo. This shampoo is a little more expensive than drug store brands, but it will hydrate your hair and the keratin will make your hair strong.

Deep Condition

Naturally curly hair is usually dry, so you should use a moisture intensive conditioner daily.  Personally, I like using a leave-in conditioner because it keeps my curls moisturized all day.  I like Curly Hair Solutions Leave-In Conditioner for everyday use.

Once a week, I deep condition my hair.  I like make my own mask, like this coconut oil hair mask or an egg protein hair mask.

Satin Pillowcase

If you have curls, you know what it's like to wake up with wild hair.  Switch to a satin pillowcase at night to help keep curls under control.


I only style my hair wet because it keeps my curls defined and the styling product helps lock in moisture.  I make my own hair gel because it gives me great definition, yet it rinses out of my hair completely.  For a more natural look, I use Aussie Sprunch mousse.  It has a leave-in conditioner in the mousse, so it prevents frizzy hair.

Try my DIY curl cream for soft defined curls.


I usually let my hair dry naturally because using a hair dryer on naturally curly hair can be a disaster.  If I have to use a hair dryer, I use a diffuser on the end of my hair dryer.  I also use a lower heat setting so I don't damage my hair and make it even drier than it already is.


Curly hair can get unruly quickly, so it's important to get it trimmed regularly.  If you usually keep your curls intact, do not straighten your hair before your appointment.  The stylist will want to see your curl pattern before cutting your hair.  Also, cutting your hair when it's straight can mean it will be uneven when you wear your hair curly.

Yes, it takes some time each day to take care of curly hair, but I promise that it is worth it!

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Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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